31 October 2007

Armchair Travel with Kids


Here is my small library of books about travelling with kids.

1. The "Frommers 500 places to take your kids before they grow up" is quite practical and somewhat informative about which destinations match which age group [although in some cases they seem a bit arbitrary]. I like that there is wide variety of destinations covered, and that it doesn't focus too much on North America. Well, 500 is a lot of places. We'd better get busy.

2. I thoroughly enjoyed "One Year Off" by David Cohen. They clearly had loads of fun and challenges and funny moments taking 3 kids on a trip around the world.

3. I love Lonely Planet and I can't wait to get to their book on travelling with kids. I believe its made up of a series of short stories.

4. I still haven't read the last one on my list which is called, "Are We There Yet?"

Do you have any recommendations of kid-friendly travel books? I would love to hear about them.

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