10 October 2007

Cleanliness, on the Road

Well, hands down, for me baby wipes are where it's at. If I made a list of my top ten cleanliness items, wipes would be in my top 5 for sure. I actually regret not having babies earlier for a lot of reasons. But one of them is that I'm sorry I didn't discover the beauty of wipes a long time ago. I have these things in every bathroom. They even work as wash cloths in the shower, in a pinch. Of course I keep them in my purse, in the car, and even at my desk at work [I even clean my keyboard with them]. I buy them by the case. Literally. So, of course, this is a must-have for me when travelling, for the whole family. Anyone with kids probably already knows what I'm talking about so I'll stop gushing about these now.

I also like to bring Waterless Skin Cleansers such as Cetaphil and Mustelausa. You don't have to rinse this stuff off so it comes in handy in places where the water may be dodgy. They are also very mild so they are suitable for sensitive skin.

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