27 October 2007

Travelling Petit Picasso


1. I just found this no mess doodle book that can be used over and over. The marker is filled with only water so we don't have to worry about crazy antics on the airplane seats. I understand they come in different themes, like Seseme Street and Hello Kitty, but Spud really loves the Backyardigans [so do I!] Try googling "Wow Doodle Book" to see what's out there.

2. I'm also in love with Aquadoodle mats. Occasionally, Spud takes the water-filled marker to the floor, looks at me mischieviously, and waits to see my response. In his charming attempt at trying to be 'bad' I realize that I need to make a distinction between regular markers and his Aquadoodle one. I don't know if they come in Travel-sized or not but depending on how light you are travelling, this mat folds up pretty small.

3. Of course there is the good ol' stand-by Etch-A-Sketch

4. And Pro Doodle Magnetic Drawing Board

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