01 January 2008

Celebs Who Write Kids Books

Why do I find the notion of a rock star or actress writing a kids book ... or any book other than an autobiography, so annoying? Maybe it's just pure envy. Why should they be so multi-talented? It hardly seems fair. But I have to say we've run into a few books by celebrities that have really tickled our fancies.

1. Micawber and I'm a Manatee, by John Lithgow

The story Micawber is about a squirrel who becomes fascinated by art and tries his tail at it himself. The story I'm a Manatee, is a playful rhyme about a boy who dreams of being a manatee himself. Both stories are sweet, funny and the words are cleverly crafted. I really love these. Other titles that we haven't read yet include, Marsupial Sue, The Remarkable Farkle McBride, Mahalia Mouse Goes to College, and Carnival of the Animals.

2. Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My Day and Is There Really a Human Race? by Jaime Lee Curtis

Today I Feel Silly deals with the topic of emotions, in labeling them and finding levity in them. Is There Really a Human Race deals with making the right choices and enjoying the journey. Both are charming, smart and funny. My 3-year old is fascinated by them both and always has a lot of questions.

3. Cheech the School Bus Driver by Cheech Marin.

As someone who listened to Cheech and Chong albums and enjoyed their movies more than I'd like to admit [in my adolescence, just to be clear] I take an extra little, subversive pleasure in reading this story to my wee guy. It's actually a pretty cool story. Can mariachi beat rock and roll in battle of the bands? Check it out, man. It's pretty groovinova.

4. The English Roses, Mr. Peabody's Apples, and Yakov and the Seven Thieves, by Madonna

I bought these in a box set and have them in the "rainy day" drawer. I think they'll stay there until his next birthday in the spring, at least. I can't rightly give my opinion on them one way or the other until I've seen his reaction to them too.

OK, in the end, I've tried not to be so judgemental about celeb-kid-authors. The stats have been pretty good for us so far. So the next time we're at the library I'll check out these titles too ...
· I Already Know I Love You, Billy Crystal
· Goodnight, My Angel: A Lullabye, Billy Joel
· Friends of a feather, Bill Cosby

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