13 January 2008

The Great Dim Sum Quest, Vancouver

Dim Sum is the perfect, kid-friendly weekend brunch. The cart service means no waiting. The loud and busy ambiance means any mild ruckus from your wee ones will likely go unnoticed. And families are the norm so you are in good company. Here are 3 great dim sum places we've checked out recently and loved.

Location: in the heart of Chinatown
400 - 180 Keefer Street [just down from Main Street, upstairs in the mall]

Apparently Canada's largest Dim Sum restaurant. They sport fantastic seafood dumplings of all sorts. We didn't try anything we didn't love. The best dim sum we've had in a long time. After lunch, we browsed the little import shops downstairs.

Location: on Main Street which is bustling with some great independent boutiques, consignment stores and antique shops
3888 Main Street [at 23rd Avenue]

This place is very popular; as big as it is, we still needed to wait 15 minutes for a table. It might be worth arriving a little earlier to beat the lunch rush. Seafood is the specialty here and they do a fantastic job. This may be our favourite dim sum of the three. It's hard to say for sure though, because we really loved Floata too.

Location: in a rather boring stretch of Hastings Street where you probably won't spend any time before or after brunch
1132 E. Hastings Street [just past Glen Drive]

The Pink Pearl, opened in 1981, is almost a Vancouver institution. And it feels a little worn around the edges inside. The food is great though. It may be less seafood-focussed than the above two but still has killer shrimp dumplings. And plenty of sweets.

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