18 February 2008

Music Wonderland

We've signed Spud up for music lessons because he talks incessantly about his desire to play certain instruments. "Let's go to the store and buy a violin that I can play. And also a trahbone and a saxophone". Well, funny enough, the music school we went to says he's too young at 3 and half. Poor little guy was a little heartbroken when we told him we were going to learn to play the piano first. He's warmed up to the idea since then but continues to quiz us on how many more years he has before he can play the instruments he really wants to play.

The class, called Music Wonderland, is interesting in that it promotes the idea of the parent and child learning together. There is also less focus on learning the mechanics of music by rote and more focus on developing an ear for the different elements and expressions.

I just found this little blurb about it right here:
"Students are exposed to a wide variety of music. An appreciation for all forms of music is strengthened by the various activities that take place between the children and their parents ... Keyboards are used in the course as tools for expression of concepts such as high/low and loud/soft sounds, as well as teaching students various rhythmic patterns. They learn to play a part in music-making with parent, friends, and teacher. The use of different fingers is also introduced in a way that is natural for 3 and 4 year-old children ... by the end of Music Wonderland, your child will have learned how to listen and react to song and sound, and enjoy making music with others. You will see the start of little musicians who can appreciate and express themselves through an international language — music."

In theory it sounds great. I love the idea of the non-coercive nature of it. It just seems a little slow for my liking. Spud also pipes periodically trying to get things going "When are we going to try the high notes?!". It may be a lesson on deferred gratification as well ... for both of us. I'm wondering if anyone out there has any positive [or otherwise] experiences with music lessons for the pre-K set. I'm curious to know what else is out there.

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