22 May 2008

Dutch Oven Dump Cake

We found this recipe on one of my new fave sites The Pioneer Woman via our buddy J-Mc. It goes through an extensive step by step on how to make this easy-peezy dessert in your oven at home. Here we modified the recipe for our Dutch oven.

1 can Pineapple with juice, rings or crushed
1 can Cherry pie filling
1 box Cake mix [yellow or white]
1 stick Butter
1 Whipped cream [optional]

Combine Pineapple and cherries in the bottom of 10-inch Dutch oven. Sprinkle cake mix on top breaking up cake chunks, if desired. Cut up butter and place on top. That's right, no need to stir up the cake mix or add any additional liquid. I had my doubts too. But it works.

Replace lid and put about 6 hot briquettes under and 14 on top. Bake until the cake is done in the centre, checking after around 20-30 minutes. The cake shrinks from the sides a little when it's done. Remove the lid and serve warm.

1 comment:

John Hein said...

I use a similar recipe. I put a layer of brown sugar on top of the cake mix - then the butter.

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