01 May 2008

A Store of Crafty Bits


It's called Urban Source and it's fabulous. I hope every town has one of these or something like it. It's at 3126 Main Street in Vancouver and has pretty regular hours. They receive new reclaimed arty materials regularly so it's really never the same store twice.

There are things you can buy by the piece or you can fill a fixed price grab bag with the bits to create your own cards, decorations, costumes, crafts, props or jewelery. It's also a good place to find cool containers and wrapping paper.

This time we were really focussed and left with a sheet of mylar, some strong magnets, a metallic pen, some sticky back foam, and a plastic stencil. The last time we went with Spud and we gave him a $5 brown bag to fill with all the random bits he wanted. Most of it ended up in my "art junk" shoe box for future crafty projects. And some of it incorporated itself into his toy box; like the 2 dozen foamy little black marshmallows, as he calls them. They make great cargo for his various vehicles to move about.

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