05 June 2008

Bentos Tiffin-style

I've been looking for some different containers for my kid's bento lunches. I've been especially interested in finding some non-plastic ideas. A buddy [hi x-man!] told me about a little Indian take out place [at Granville Island for you Vancouverites] that sells your lunch in a tiffin for a few extra bucks [$5 or $6].

Talk about cultural fusion ... bento-like lunches in a traditional Indian tiffin. Let the fun begin!

·Banana-strawberry skewers
·Peanut butter sandwhich
·Animal crackers
·Apple slices
·Red pepper, cherry tomatoes and cuke slices
·I ended up putting toys in the lower level because otherwise it would be too much food

Then we went to the Punjabi Market to see if they had any other tiffins ... maybe smaller? Maybe cheaper? We only found the exact same type and they actually cost $12-$13 each in the two stores we tried.

We did find these single metal tins that are nice.

·Strawberry yogurt
·Strawberry and kiwi
·Wholewheat crackers
·Cheese stars
·Cherry tomato
·Sausage patty [leftovers]

The one pretty big drawback to this container is that the lid is very snug and therefore difficult to get off. I have troubles. Spud would never be able to do it on his own. Well, not never ... you know what I mean.

New Skewers
Anything on a Skewer
Bentolicious I
Bentolicious II
Bentolicious III

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