08 June 2008

I Escape

On this very drizzly, lazy Sunday morning my little guy is watching some Disney channel. I thought a little armchair travel was in order for myself. One of my favourite places to go is i-escape.

Their search engine brought up over 200 gorgeous, young-kid-friendly accommodations ... from around the world.

And then I honed in on Morocco...
Kasbah Ellouze: "A stylishly converted kasbah in the Atlas foothills an area of biblically beautiful scenery."

Riad Ariha: "Beautifully restored budget riad, a wonderful blend of ancient craftsmanship and modern Zen-chic, right in the medina."

Dar Roumana: "A prime position, friendly young owners, rooftop dinners and elegantly ornate rooms in Fes’ vast medina"

What I love about i-escape: They clearly have a lot of talented cool hunters in their camp. And I fully appreciate their balanced reviews; giving a realistic picture of what the place is like. I also like to read each entry's "kid policy" which speaks volumes on how kid-friendly the place is.

We probably won't be going any farther than Disneyland this year, if that. So, I'm just dreaming.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Those Morocco places look more fabulous than words could ever say. That's incredible, Jackie.

I've never really been too interested in Morocco, but now I definitely am.


off to click google ads for the day.

Jackie said...

I really love the Moroccan aesthetic. I always have. And I'm dying to brush up on my Arabic ...
; )
The last one is out of our budget range ... unless we just stayed there for a couple of nights as a real treat.

Ahhh. To dream. Maybe next year? No, probably April 2010 after all the hubbub is gone. Are you in?

sophie said...

Another very nice site for armchair (and real) travel is www.escapio.com. If you have time during another disney channel, have a look: you will like it!

Jackie said...

Oh, escapio is a beauty of site, just at first glance. Perhaps I can find some quality time with it next Sunday morning?

Thanks for sharing!

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