25 July 2008

Fun with Felt Food

There are some talented folk out there making play food out of felt. These links are enough to send me to the storage to dig out my nana's sewing machine and get busy. Some of these are for sale. Some include DIY tutorials. Some sell templates and instructions. And some are simply inspirational.

Yummy breakfasts served here, here and here.

And some dim sum for lunch perhaps?

or here...

Some handsome renditions of sushi here, here, here and here.

Here's a crazy cute felt bento box.

Dinner is on with pasta with shrimp, pasta with sauce, lobster or pizza.

Could this smore be more adorable?

Fast food that's not so bad fer ya here and here.

And some stuff that's a feast for the eyes, here and here.

Two adorable takes on tacos here and here.


And finally time for dessert with cookies, doughnuts and more cookies and ice cream.

I'm stuffed.


Anonymous said...

I am loving the felt food! Especially the breakfasts ;)

candy said...

cute waffle!! love them!!


Jackie said...

the waffle is so cute. the same person that does that also does a really cute breakfast set with nutella and yoghurt. so sweet.

thanks for popping by...
: )

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