09 September 2008

Tooth Fairy Pillows

This is a synopses of my research on tooth fairy pillows. I didn't have one of these patootie items growing up. I don't even remember hearing about them. But I love the idea for my wee guy. Now, the question is: make one or buy one? I can't decide.

Crafty Carnival has a tutorial for making a felt tooth fairy pillow

Jaybird Designs sells a crochet pattern

Cheryl Oxsalida has a free crochet pattern for the taking

Or, very tempting, simply buy a Christys Crafts already crocheted tooth pillow

Miss Kitty makes cute felt tooth fairy pillows

Bezzab has modern, felt, doll-like pillows

Curly Q Cuties has some darling, plush tooth fairy pillows

Doves Nest sells big-grinned, cotton pillows full of personality

Wiggly Tooth Factory sells somewhat sophisticated tooth pillows that can be personalized with a monogram

And one of my favourites, for sure, although I love them all, is arrrt's Gus the Tooth Ghost. Just so awesome.

[image source: arrrt's shop on etsy.com]

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