28 March 2009

Robot Party Planning

Well, I've been scouring the web for Robot themed ideas ... most of which I don't have the time, and in many cases the talent, to pursue but it's fun imagining! Here is a list of links I've been using during my armchair party planning time.

Cookie has a fantastic robot cake as well as costume and activity ideas.

[image source: cookiemag.com]

For more robot games and activities check out amazing moms, kaboose, and boardman.

There are fun robot printables at blue mountain.

[image source: bluemountain.com]

There's a cute flying saucer craft idea at birthdayinabox.

And aren't these robot plates just too adorable!? I found them on hostess with the mostess.

For some sweet party food ideas and table settings see wee wonderfuls and kim vallee.

And Parents has a sweet cupcake idea.

[image source: parents.com]

Check out this fantastic Wall-e themed bento.

[image source: from link above]

Even the garbage cubes look delicious. And check out this nutritious snack.

[image source: from link above]


UPDATE: Check out our Robot Themed Party Playlist here.


Mammagiramondo. said...

Wow, absolutely graet. I'd like to be there and see all the great things you'll do for the birthday!!!

samantha said...

thanks for making my work a bit easier. My son just said he wanted a robot party!

Anonymous said...

I can't find the robot cake on the cookie web site that you had mentioned in this article. I really want to make that robot cake, just need a little more how to on making the cake.

Thanks for all the info

Jackie said...

Anonymous ... I'm sorry ... that adorable cake was on Cookie Mag's site which is now dead and gone. Sniff sniff.

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