14 July 2009

Friday Night Shorts: NFB

I didn't realize the Canadian National Film Board makes available some of their famous cartoon shorts online. For free. I found a few of my faves here:

Getting Started
A hilarious look at procrastination.

"And the cat came back the very next, we thought he was a gonner but the cat came back the very next day" ... as cute as it sounds, it's probably not for the real wee ones.

This one is quirky-weird and I absolutely love it.

And classic Canadiana "The Sweater" ...

I love you NFB. Never go away.

>>Friday night is movie night in our house and we like to start with a good short or two. To see others we recommend check out some previous posts here.


Anonymous said...

When I was 6 years old, my Dad worked for the CNFB, I thought he had the coolest job in the world. I used to go into work with him (I think it was on weekends), and I could stroll up and down all the floor-to-ceiling aisles filled with film cannisters and pick my favourite cartoons and then sit in my own private screening room and watch them ad infinitum. Even at 6 I knew this was a unique experience.

Jackie said...

I have no memory of knowing that your daddy worked there! What a wonderful story. I love it.
: )

Julie Matlin said...

So glad you found us. We've got tons of content for kids, including a cartoon playlist and a whole site with games for kids.

Also, you can resize the video player when you embed our films so that they don't break your template.

Jackie said...

And Julie, I'm so glad you found US! Thanks for all the tips. I love your work.
: )

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