20 May 2010

Jamie's Mac + Cheese

Mac and Cheese is definitely a once-in-awhile-food in our house. It also happens to be a Spud favourite. I was thrilled to find this recipe on Jamie Oliver's site. It's all about a yummy combination of cheeses [fontina, parmesan, mascarpone and buffalo mozza] with no added flour or complicated roux. Or as Jamie himself puts it so eloquently "Once you see how quick it is, you won’t be making any bechamels or claggy old sauces for a long time". Nice.

This was our second run with it and it's a definite keeper.


Mammagiramondo. said...

Yum, we always cook it but well, you know, we live in Italy!;)

Jackie said...

How can you even help it!
; )
But I'll bet you don't use Fontina. I'm curious, what are your favourite cheeses for mac and cheese?

Kiley said...

Mac n Cheese is only a once-in-a-while food? Perhaps that is why my pants are too tight now.

Jackie said...

Ha! I hate it when yummy food goes and shrinks your laundry! So rude.
; )

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