15 December 2010

wee love on wednesdays

1. The Nesting Spot says this Design Your Own Socktopus is "for those of you who love sock monkeys but want something a little different ...". I think he's wonderful.
(Image: The Nesting Spot)

2. DIY Sequin Trees and Christmas Balls at New House Project. My "to do" list is getting unnaturally long for holiday themed projects so this one is probably on my wish list ... um ... for next year. But it sure looks easy and fun.
(Image: New House Project)

3. Maybe Santa would like these Salted Caramel Thumbprint Cookies this year? I know I would! Recipe is at A Cozy Kitchen.
(Image: A Cozy Kitchen)

4. Love this paper garland a lot. I suppose it's on my next year's wish list for projects too. The tutorial is at Hambly Screen Prints.
(Image: Hambly Screen Prints)

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