04 January 2011

Happy 2011!

Well, more than a resolution this year, I'm in the process of creating my Life List! Being the listophile that I am, it is a perfect project for me. And task number 1 is to complete said list! I was totally inspired by one of my favourite google reader stops Design for Mankind who was in turn inspired by Mighty Girl. Check out their life lists. And then, browsing around, I found this interesting social network site for Life Listers ... My Life List guides you in actually getting ticks!

OK, here's 20 to start with ... in no particular order.

1. Write down my life list
2. Participate in the Sketchbook Project
3. See Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas
4. Take Spud to Egypt
5. Take conversational Spanish
6. Learn to read the Arabic alphabet
7. Have 40 travel ticks on my country list
8. Have tea in the Sahara
9. Volunteer abroad
10. Celebrate Hub's and my anniversary with big "rent a hall" party
11. Read all 7 Harry Potter Books with Spud
12. Make a living as a freelance designer/writer
13. See the Taj Mahal
14. Write/illustrate a children's book
15. Design and make Spud a stuffie
16. Fly Business Class at least once
17. Watch my home hockey team win the Cup
18. Be able to bake something from scratch from memory
19. Own vacation property
20. Get my driver’s license


Melanie said...

That's a pretty great list!! And I love that we have a few of the same life-wishes as well.

Good luck with yours! Happy 2011!!
mk xo

Jackie said...

It's a start! Thanks Mel. Let's do coffee or something in the new year and compare lists. Happy to see you back at the poster project. I missed you. but it sounds like you had some needed time with family and "the old country" ; )

Chloe said...

Love it Jackie! I was having trouble with the words "resolutions" or "bucket list" so the much more positive "life list" inspired me to start writing my own! Your list is fantastic so I have my work cut out for me. Thanks for being such a source of inspiration :) Can't wait for the first 2011 Bento Box! ;)

Jackie said...

Chloe, so happy to see you here! The life list is SO awesome and harder than I thought. I think I have about 25 now. It's going to be awhile before I hit 100! And what do I do with all those cool things I've already done? Are they ticks? Or do they go on their own list? Phew. The art of list making is no small fete.

Happy list making Chloe-o. Hope we get a chance to catch up this year. Are you going to the reunion?
: )

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