22 February 2011

All Aboard the Marrakesh Express


Here's a trick ... try watching playing both of these at the same time ... Crosby, Stills & Nash kickin' it live with a couple of minutes of scenery going by (just turn the volume off the bottom one).

The boy has never really done train travel. Which is a shame I think. It seems like a perfect kid-friendly form of transportation. No seat belts. Able to walk around when the inevitable ants-in-the-pants arrive. Not to mention the long time fascination with trains. For both Spud AND Hubs actually. I think they are ok too. So we know we are keen to fit this into our Morocco itinerary but we'll see how it goes. Here's a round up of some of our research on the Marrakesh Express so far.

· The Marrakesh Express makes it on World Travel Guide's Top 5 Great Rail Journeys list (I love lists!). So far, I've only got the first one under my belt.

· ONCF has all the nuts and bolts on train routes, prices etc. Looks like one way, for the 3 of us, from Marrakesh to Fes costs 443,00 Moroccan Dirhams. How much is that I wonder. I love google. I typed in google's search "443,00 Moroccan Dirhams in CAD" and voilà! It appears right away.

Call me lazy but I like skipping the step of finding a good currency exchange site. The trick is knowing off hand the codes for the currency you are looking for.

· The Wandering Aramean was a bit disappointed that the trip didn't reflect the experience of Nash's 1966 adventure (no more chickens on the train!) but he got some great shots and in the end appeared to enjoy the trip nonetheless.

· The travellers reporting at Virtual Tourist make the train trip sound comfy.

· Faux Guide (false guide) or kind strangers? An inevitable question asked by many travellers more than once in place like Morocco. Gulch gives a worthy recount of their own questionable encounters to and on the train.

I wish I could find more. If all goes well, it would make an excellent Photo Friday for when we get back.

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