12 April 2011

Spud's Having a Toonie Party

Hosting a No Gift Birthday Party is one way to handle the otherwise inevitable mountain of gifts that results from kids' birthday parties but we are trying the "Toonie Party" this year as an alternative. You can find the details at ohdeedoh.


Kiley said...

I have to laugh at how controversial your ideas can be to others. I applaud you and the fact that you are courageous enough to try new things and at the same time ask the rest of us to be more conscious about our choices.

Jackie said...

Kiley, thank you for your words! I am continually amazed at the volume (both in amount and decible) of controversy that arises over some pretty mundane issues ... you know in the big scheme of things ... people aren't debating how to achieve world peace or eliminate child poverty. They are debating, in some case with such venom, what is deemed appropriate for gift giving or what books your kids should and should not read or what colour goes best with baby blue. And on and on. I just don't how people do it. It's one thing to have an opinion or your own ideas, but I think I would find it too exhausting to live my life perpetually judging and criticizing others as if it were a sport. Frankly, I often find myself dumbstruck by the whole exercise. But there you have it.


Judy said...

This is a fabulous idea! A few years back my son Andrew had a birthday party and we asked guests to bring a toy they no longer play with as their gift. We worded it "please no gifts, but if you feel you need to bring one, please bring something you no longer play with". It was the BEST PARTY EVER! Each child shared their experience with their special toy they were giving to him. It was a fun experience for Andrew and for all of the kids at the party. Since sharing our idea, many of his classmates have had the same line on their invites!

Jackie said...

Love it Judy. I for one would love to be asked to bring an under-used toy our next party. Great idea. Might try that for Spud's next year.
: )

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