02 September 2011

Photo Friday #49


OK. So here's a shot from my husband's blackberry. Not the most artful shot ... but you get the idea. I like it because it documents my love of finding those little special gems of restaurants in your very own town. This one has a bit of a story behind it. Save On Meats it's called. For years, since 1957 in fact, it was a famous butcher that my grandparents frequented. But the neighbourhood got progressively run down over the years, accelerated by the closing of a major department store, Woodwards, nearby. It toughed it out for years but eventually closed too; a sad day for Vancouver when the giant neon pig sign got unplugged.

But now, oh happy days, it's open again, with a new business model and we are so smitten. They cut the store in half, essentially, to build a 50s-style diner on one side. Now they pump out all kinds of comfort food with fresh baked goods and, well, meat of course. And here's the kicker — the take-out booth in the front! That's where we found this beautiful, fresh, cheesy biscuit with ham, egg and cheese. For a buck fifty. I'm not kidding. Happy to have you back Save On Meats.

Note to tourists: If we should be so lucky to have you visit our beloved city, Vancouver, and you want to try this restaurant, Save On Meats, I hope you will get a little advice as to the best way to get there. Not that your safety is truly in danger. In fact, while a wee bit edgy, the area is really starting to come back to life. Starting. But as you go East on the street (Hastings) the "sites" get more full of despair and tragedy. For most, it's best avoided.

Thanks to Delicious Baby for hosting Photo Friday!

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