07 December 2011

Santa Ornaments

The halls are decked! We had a busy weekend re-organizing our apartment to make room for some serious decking! More to come on that later. But the best part is always trimming the tree. For me it's about rediscovering each ornament, each one with a memory attached to it. And me telling the stories behind them and Spud saying "I know Mom, you told me that last year" and me saying "And I'm going to tell you again next year too so get used to it." Ha!

Santa hangs an ornament on the tree each year, always of himself, because he knows how much Spud loves him. This is a welcome addition to what was a rather adult looking tree before our Spud came along.

The Airstream-esque trailer is an absolute favourite as campers and trailers are a current obsession of our dear Spud's.

This one, another favorite, which could easily be mistaken as coming from the big guy himself actually came from a dear friend Wendy-bee during Spud's obsession with trains ... she always knows the perfect gift.

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