13 January 2012

Friday Night Short: The Red Balloon

OK, The Red Balloon (1956) was actually last week's movie short, but it was so great, I would watch it again. If you have never seen it, a large red balloon befriends a young boy in the streets of Paris in this visually beautiful example of mid-century modern movie making and it's just so darn charming. Spud was naturally a bit disturbed by the big boys' destructive behaviour in the latter third and he re-wrote the ending because he felt the original was too sad but all in all he gives it a big thumbs up. 

Note that it's more like medium short at around 30 minutes. It's cut up into 3 sections on YouTube and the quality is so-so. If you have an opportunity to see a good quality version, do it. It's beautiful. Here is the first 12 and half minutes.

The second part is here and the third part is here.

>>Friday night is movie night in our house and we like to start with a good short or two. To see others we recommend check out some previous posts here.

1 comment:

Christina said...

Just watched this tonight on Netflix. Both my boys (2 and 5) were captivated!

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