28 February 2013

Action Pack Magazine: Water Edition

Action Pack Magazine has launched its Water issue today; the first of 4 element-themed issues for 2013. And I'm a contributor! I designed a water themed word search / colouring page. I can't show you the whole thing ... but here's a teaser of it in progress ...

Of course that's not the only reason to go check it out. 

The breadth of water related fun is impressive ...

  • Jo Newmanmake natural watercolour paints + salt from the sea
  • Susan Schwake: learn water colour techniques
  • Vicki Smith: make paper mache bowls
  • Marcie Cuff:  send a message in a bottle
  • Kathreen Ricketson [the editor]: investigate ocean flotsam + jetsam, make ephemeral beach collections + experiment with sea jellies
  • Gina Vida: make 2 ice projects
  • Helen Bird: make fun felted project
  • Natalie Kramerexperiment with water tension four different ways
  • Jo Ebisujima: experiment with water density
  • Alex Kelly: go fishing + learn a lot about fish while using a Japanese printing technique
  • Melissa Wastney: bake water crackers 
  • Lucy Hordern: make water bottle rainbow 
  • Dawn & Wesley Smith: make a water rocket
  • and me and my little word search / colouring page

And here's a freebie project for you: Joanie Gorman makes toy boats with cork sailors.

For your downloadable pdf of the whole magazine ($6), click here.

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