20 February 2013

Roundup: Kits. All kinds of kits.


Make 'em. Buy 'em. I don't know what it is, I can't explain it, but if you theme a bunch of thingys and put them in a cool receptacle ... I'm probably going to want it. So, I've started a Pinterest board ... all about kits. Anyone else have a weird obsession with kits? Here are some faves ...

Crazy-cute Road Trip Kit by One Charming Party

Make your own Cleaning Kit for kids by Modern Parents Messy Kids

Taco Kit ... giving the gift of food to new parents for example ... by Kitchn

Ice Cream Sundae-making Kit by Family Bites

Make your own Postcard Writing Kit by Apartment Therapy

Beautiful Custom Letter Writing Kit seen on Playful Learning

Little Librarian Kit seen on uncommongoods

Knot-tying Kit seen on Imagine Childhood

Fort Building Kit by Saltwater Kids

Tool Kit for kids as seen at Fat Brain Toys

Kiwi Crate craft subscription. We tried this out and loved it ... see our post here.

Be still my heart ... a field journal kit by Tom Bihn

We also made a travel journal art kit for our big trip.

Emergency Kit ... a fun one with UNO by Parents

Housewarming Bucket Kit by Martha Stewart

We made this kit last summer to give to someone homeless or generally in need of a little bag of goodies. It took us to December to find it a home ... we added some tea, warm mitts, a note book and pen and found someone on Christmas Eve who looked like they could use a little cheer.

Can't get enough? Check out a whole board dedicated to kits here.

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