14 March 2013

Friday Night Shorts: Hallelujah 2 Ways

The boy's piano teacher has offered up a challenge to perform a duet of a song of his choice. Well, "perform" might imply with an audience ... but apparently recording it on my phone will do the trick. He decided pretty quickly that he wanted to do something with his daddy playing the ukelele. But he carefully deliberated over song choice for a couple of weeks when out of the blue he declared he wants to learn Hallelujah.

So this week's short is of one of my all-time favourite moments (until my kid learns the song, I suppose) ... k.d. lang singing the Leonard Cohen classic live at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony ... (pssst ... I saw the rehearsal live ... I almost died)

And here's a quirky rendition using glasses that I think Spud will enjoy. I found it on The Kid Should See This.

>>Friday night is movie night in our house and we like to start with a good short or two. To see others we recommend, check out some previous posts here.


Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Being an Athletes Marshall, I was sitting with the athletes when this moment happened. It was amazing how utterly still the entire stadium became. You could hear a pin drop, but for k.d.'s voice. When the doves went up...wow! Utter magic. One of the best moment of the ceremonies.

(My other favourites were the whales in the floor and the Joni Mitchell sequence.) I loved being able to see the athletes' reactions and the one sitting next to me from Africa kept telling me in both French & English how beautiful the whole thing was.

Jackie Boucher said...

You've inspired me to whip out the video and watch the whole thing again. Great memories.
: )

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