19 September 2013

CD Review: Dani's Beauty Land

Beauty Land is a concept album; each song is a part of a larger story about giants, kings, and witches. And it's not your run of the mill kids' album, I'll say that! You know that so much of what tweens and younger like to listen to can be like nails on a chalk board for the rest of us — too often it's repetitive, sickly sweet, or downright patronizing. Beauty Land is like a breath of fresh air in this genre, with funny, dramatic, and lively lyrics supported by a myriad of interesting music styles including rock, pop and country. And do I hear Celtic, Bluegrass and even Mid East sounds as well? This is a fun collection that is easy on the ears for kids and adults alike. Spud, 9, gives it a big thumbs up. This one's going in the car for sure. Check out some sound samples here.

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