01 November 2013

Friday Night Shorts: Temporary Art — in the Snow

I'm not going to lie ... it's been a tough week. Couple of weeks, actually. I'm just going to go ahead and declare October 2013 a stress ball month. There was the crazy-stress-inducing accident early in the month. Then the very "heavy" call from Spud's principal and subsequent worries and emails and meetings relating to it. Oh, parenting. And other big life changing stuff that can really be chalked up to "first world problems" so I won't whine here but let's just say I welcome you, November. I'm looking for a fresh start. I hope things start settling down now. Let's celebrate with a little meditative snow art. Why not.

(via SwissMiss)

>>Movie night on Fridays is a bit of a tradition in our house and we like to start with a good short or two. To see others we've loved, check out some previous posts here.

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