17 January 2010

"I Want to Marry You, Mama"

My little guy proposed to me the other morning. As I was dashing out the door for another 14 - 15 hour work day. "I'm going to live with you forever, Mama." I think it was his way of saying he misses me since our "quality time" has been limited to those 20 minutes in the morning each week day. You can imagine what those look like "Honey, can you please put that toy down and get dressed for school?". Etc. We also manage a chat on the phone right before bed when we send kisses and hugs over the phone. Our hugs sound like this ... "ooooooooo aaaaaaaah". But that's it. Even weekends are full of work these days.

But there's an end in sight and this keeps me going. For the last 4 and half years, I've been lucky enough to be working on a GIANT project — an international event of Olympic proportions — hosted in my home town in under a month. And I'm so overwhelmed with excitement I could pee. That also keeps me going.

So this explains my lowest-post month ever. It seems that the number of posts I have is in direct proportion with the amount of time I spend with my boy. I look forward to getting back to normal in March. I have a million ideas of things I want to do, create, learn, try, and post about. I look forward to it.

But Friday night, I had a few minutes to myself as I was walking home and I starting thinking about the other moms at work who are going through the same challenges right now. And then all the moms out there working ridiculous hours. And to their children who learn how to cope with their moms living their dreams and making a living. And the dads who take up the slack and deal with the "single-parenthood" without complaint. And to family who step in and help out, with smiles and hugs. And to friends who understand why you haven't called to make brunch dates. And to great colleagues who listen to your sappy kid stories and distract you with laughter and fun. Love to you all out there.