15 March 2011

Book: Traveling with Kids

I got this book awhile ago now and I loved it so much I wanted to interview the authors! Two incredible moms who have towed their children here and there, with great results. If you've ever entertained the idea of taking your family on a little trip but thought maybe it just wasn't for you, then this book is up your alley. It is just as much a book on how to travel as it is a book on why you should travel with your kids.

Even if you think you want to travel but can't for any number of reasons, Travelling with Kids is full of ways to the achieve the same benefits of travelling without all the cost and hassle. Check it out.

08 March 2011

How Ted Geisel Grew Up to Become Dr. Seuss

A new favourite. And, it turns out, apropos since Dr. Seuss's anniversary of his birthday just passed this week. The Boy on Fairfield Street is a wonderfully written account of how Ted Geisel became the iconic children's author he did. It was no straight road either which makes it all the more inspiring. As you can see we found this gem at the library but with its lovely prose and illustrations and inspiring message, this one's worth owning.

04 March 2011

Making our Own Travel Journals PART 2

In my quest to create our own family travel journal, I've decided to make up the signatures ahead of time, lots of them (10 in total) to fill out along the way and to be bound together when we get home. Hopefully the cover will be made of something cool we find on our travels. Fingers crossed.

First I printed and trimmed all the paper, on acid free stock, for each signature. I made the lines farther apart on Spud's to accommodate his charming and larger than life printing. Each book has alternating blank pages as well — for glueing in keepsakes or for drawings. Not sure what we are going to do with the grid signature but hopefully games and mazes and other creative fun. We'll see.

I punched 4 small holes in each spine and sewed them with embroidery floss. I used a template for the holes so they should line up with other each when all is done. Should!

Spud chose yellow for his cover, his favourite colour.

Mine are magenta and Hubs' are purple.

A creatin' we will go!

Check out the book we are using for inspiration!

UPDATE: See the finished product here.

01 March 2011

First Crack at Book Binding

It's really just so super easy. And fun. I made these for one of Spenser's little friends who was celebrating a birthday on the weekend. 

One is made of sketch paper for drawing. The other of alternating lined and blank paper for story writing/illustrating. I wrapped the card stock covers with Tyvek (repurposed from envelopes) and added an "L" to each of the fronts to personalize them a bit. She's said to be a blossoming 'creative type' so I hope she gets some use out of these.

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