25 April 2009

Robot Fabric Designs

I stumbled upon Spoonflower recently. Where have I been!? They print custom fabric for you with your own designs. You just need to upload a jpg of your work and voila! I'm sending in two test pieces today. If all goes well, I will get each one back, on fabric, in an 8" x 8" square, in less than a couple of weeks. Then I can have it printed in a repeat on ... well ... meters! How exciting. There are endless possibilities.

So here's my first crack at fabric design.

Robot Garden [8" x 8"design for test swatch]

I worked carefully to make sure it will work in a repeat as well ...

This one may make a nice set of hankies for a wee guy I know ...

But it should also work as a repeat too.

UPDATE: now available at Spoonflower.

Robot Fabric Tests Arrived
Our Little Guy is 5!
Shiny Collage Robots


Teesha said...

If you can design fabric like that....well sewing will be a walk in the park!

Jackie said...

Teesha, that's very nice! I hope you're right. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Hey, does it work the other way around too? We know you can sew ... when are you trying your hand at fabric design!?

Julie said...

Oh my god. I googled Robot fabric and ended up on your page! This is amazing... exactly what I whish to find for the room of my unborn baby boy! you have talent... wow.
Are you going to sell it?? :)
Have fun and keep desining!

Jackie said...

Julie, thank for the encouraging words. And congratulations on your baby boy announcement. Very exciting!

I've been looking into selling it on etsy. Which will require me to set up an account etc. Not sure how long it will take me.

In the meantime, if you are serious about having some, drop me note and I'm sure we could work something out.
: )

Jackie said...

Hey hey, my etsy shop is up! I have at least one fabric on it.

Check it out. Say hello.
: )


Sara said...

I was poking around for robot fabric and found yours. I like Robot Gear Garden so much I want to cry... I'm thinking about a knit pullover hoodie for my little one with contrasting blue for trim? I'll send you a picture if I do it. :)

Jackie said...

Sarah, you are so cute. What an adorable idea. I would LOVE a pic if you do it.
: )
Thanks so much for popping by. I'm glad you found us.

Naomi~ said...

Hi there! Many moons ago I purchased a yard of the robot fabric from you with plans to make a dress for my daughter. Finally, after nearly two years - I made that dress! I just wanted to share the photos with you -- I received so many compliments for the fabric choice.


Kind Regards,

Jackie said...

Oh my, you have done an incredible job Naomi ... I'm going to post about it now ... you should be SO proud!

panamamama said...

That is so adorable! Wow!

Jackie said...

Thanks panamamama! I love your blog. I love Panama too. We took our little guy there on a holiday when he was wee ... he spoke his first word there!

Thank you for popping by ...

mattgray86 said...

This design is amazing! Have been looking online for days for robot fabric and finally stumbled upon this! Strange request but do you do smaller items and different colours? I only ask as i'd love a pocket square but based on a dark red colour. Either way love the site and you designs :)

Jackie said...

Thank you for your nice words Matt! Actually Spoonflower sells 8" x 8" samples for $5. Cheap! Otherwise the smallest size you can get is a fat quarter which is around $11 for the least expensive fabric. Although I would recommend going for one of the better quality ones for this application.

As for colour ... I LOVE the idea of deep reds but unfortunately I'm just not in a position to make that happen right now. So much going on! I'll let you know if that changes!
: )

Jackie said...

Oh and you can find all the buying info here ...


Thanks again!

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