31 December 2013

2013's Most Popular Posts

Here they are, 12 of the most popular posts here in 2012, starting with the 12th.

12. My 100 Faces Doodle Project

Check out other silly pursuits here.

11. Friday Night Short: Temporary Art — in the Snow

We like watching shorts before our main feature on Friday nights ... here's our collection.

10. Word Search Colouring Page: Loopdeloop

Find 3 others here, here, and here.

9. Learn About a New Country: Ethiopia

Check out the other summer fun we got up to here.

8. To This Day

Very compelling poem with an amazing array of animation styles.

7. Tie between Roundup: Kits and Makes Me Happy: Inspiring Evening

6. Giant Oreo Birthday Cake

Just one reason why Hubs is a bit of a genius.

5. Lunch Today: Mini Quiche

See other lunches and snacks here.

4. Makes Me Happy: Board Games

Now if only we could get Hubs to love board games as much as we do.

3. Mini Camp Stove

Yup, made out of a beer can. It could not be more lightweight and compact, really.

See other camping posts here.

2. Today is Just About Being Grateful

One of the craziest days of my life.

1. DIY Magic Wallet

Spud and his buddy had so much fun with this one. It's classic for a reason.

26 December 2013

Activity Advent 2013 Roundup

This marks the end of our first time doing the Activity Advent and it was SO much fun. I hope the kid wants to do it again next year!

So what would I do differently next year? There would be way less ornament-making days; it served us well this year because we did not have our tree or ornaments out of storage (we are moving!) but next year many/all of them will be replaced with other activities. One thing we missed was a snow activity. Maybe snowshoeing or tubing or tobogganing? If you have any ideas I hope you will share them below.

24 December 2013

Activity Advent Day #24: Open a Present!

Guess what we are doing right now ... it's game-time!

Check out all the Activity Advent entries so far here.

22 December 2013

Activity Advent Day #22: Christmas Camp-out

This will be the 3rd year running on this tradition ... we set up a mattress on the living room floor for a family evening of Christmas movies, popcorn, and falling asleep by the tree lights (well this year, that would be a branch of a tree).

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20 December 2013

Activity Advent Day #20: Cafe Crawl

Think Pub Crawl ... for 9 year olds. Meet up with friends. Hit the first cafe. Check out the Christmas tree display at the Fours Seasons Hotel downtown. Hit another cafe. Run around the Gingerbread House display at the Hyatt downtown and sing Christmas carols along the way. Then a 3rd cafe. If we'd planned it right we would have also taken in the vintage Christmas window displays at Canada Place too, but it was closed by the time we got there. Do over, next year.

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19 December 2013

Activity Advent Day #19: Make Orange Ornaments

The easiest ornaments we've made yet. We popped the orange slices in the oven at the lowest setting for 4 hours, flipping them once half way through. They aren't completely dry which is likely why the colour is still so delicious. I got this tip from here.

These are the last to go on our Christmas Branch; we are finally ready for Santa. Check out all our other Activity Advent entries here.

18 December 2013

Activity Advent Day #18: Choose your Favourite Restaurant

"A Legendary Burger with Triple-O Sauce ... and a chocolate milkshake" ... coming right up!

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Ottawa 2013: The Museum Tour

I've been SO busy that it's taken me this long to post photos but last month the family met up with the Ontario grandparents in our nation's capital, for 9 great days. We stayed in a beautiful rental, just across the river, which meant many shared home cooked meals and much time just hanging out and visiting. 

I also worked a lot but I'm trying to forget about that. For touristy fun we hit as many museums as we could. Starting with the Royal Canadian Mint.

Wow, $750,000 worth of gold is HEAVY!

This is a really interesting tour. Worth booking ahead of time.

Then there was the Canadian War Museum on Remembrance Day. This photo goes against every peace-loving bone in my body but it's also kind of adorable. 

Best part ... the flash mob choir performance especially for November 11th.

Then there was the Aviation and Space Museum. Spud made a family connection here; his great grandpa was on the team building this plane during the WWII.

Spud also went into space.

Wow. This is Canadian.

And then there are the Parliament Buildings, of course. 

Why does my 9 year old look like he's the same height as me?

Here we are enjoying the first snow of the year.

Here's the Senate ...

And the library ...

And the view from the Peace Tower.

Feels like Hogwarts.

Other highlights include The National Gallery.

The telephone poles outside the gallery are adorned with the entrance stickers you get when you pay to get in. An art installation in the making.

The Museum of Civilization has been on my list since it opened in the 80s. Naturally this was a big tick. Every province and territory is covered and here are some stunners representing our home province ... two Bill Reid sculptures ...

... oh and happy-cute grandparent alert ...

The kids section was fantastic too.

And one of my tops was the Nature Museum. We don't seem to have any photos of that. But that one is at the top of my list for a re-visit if/when we find ourselves back in Ottawa.

Photo Credits: Ed Boucher, Adrian Mandy and myself.

16 December 2013

Activity Advent Day #16: Do an Act of Service

Well, I lucked out on this one! Instead of me reading Harry Potter to Spud tonight ... he read it to me.

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15 December 2013

Activity Advent Day #15: Make Christmas Cards

Yes, I bought a kit for this activity. Judge if you must. I couldn't resist. It was very cute. And the boy is having the time of his life this Sunday morning sticking stickers and drawing inside each one. He has a list of more than 25 people including teachers, so this activity may go on for a few days.

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14 December 2013

Activity Advent Day #14: Bake Cookies for Friends

Sunday is the last day of curling for the year so we thought it might be a good day to bring cookies for the coach and Spud's curling buddies. We made shortbread curling houses with crusting butter cream icing.

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12 December 2013

Activity Advent Day #12: Make a Holiday Pillow Case

White pillow case and some fabric markers ... and you are good to go! This one includes "wii 3 kings", "a partridge in a pear tree", a poor house with a "cold baby outside", silver bells, 3 caroling bells, a manger alone in the distance, and a lake with 3 ships ... among others ... If we carry this tradition on, he has the other side to decorate next year.

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11 December 2013

Activity Advent Day #11: Make Mini Presents

Look at the tiny presents for our Christmas Branch! Brown paper, some packing foam, white, silver, and gold Sharpies, and some bakers twine. Done.

Still wondering why we have a Christmas Branch? See the first post here. Also, check out all our Activity Advent entries here.
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