01 December 2013

Activity Advent Day #1: Santa Letter

Inspired by an über-creative, former colleague I've been stalking on Facebook since she moved back to Australia, I've put together an Activity Advent Calendar. Thanks Teesha! I'll post each day's activity here.

The timing of this inspiration was perfect as it arrived around the time we decided to not unpack all our Christmas gear this year. You see, we're moving. Quite shortly after Christmas. So instead of unpacking a bunch of stuff only to pack it all up again, with a million other things, approximately, we thought "hey, let's see if we can celebrate Christmas without all our usual trinkets". The kid has bought into the idea all together. And Hubs is all over it too.

The first hurdle to jump? Advent. Because we normally use the same 2 re-usable advent calendars. But they are buried deeply in our storage with no chance of seeing daylight this year. And so the Activity Advent was born, in our household.

Check out all the Activity Advent Entries so far, here.