27 March 2009

Birthday Party Robot Cups


Just chipping away at the do to list for next week's birthday party. Here are the little robot cups for the robot juice. With each one being unique, perhaps guests will lose their cups less often. The materials we used are just the scraps of this and that, that we are using for party craft, Robot Control Panels.

All packed up and ready for transport.

23 March 2009

Kid Camera

Spud's aunties gave him this swishy digital camera for Christmas and we are all still having so much fun with it.

It's very well designed. It's symmetrical and meant to be held with two kid-sized grips. Good idea. And the view finder is for two eyes. There's no need to expect a little one to squint one eye while looking through the other. It also comes with some games and is surprisingly easy for him to navigate, without any help from us.

Here are some of his arty shots ...

A self portrait ...

Another self portrait ... of sorts

At the playground ...

And a shot between his pj'd knees while watching The Incredibles on movie night ...

22 March 2009

Birthday Party: Robot Picnic

So far Spud has had a cowboy party, train party, jungle party, and a paint splatter party. Well, we have his 5th birthday party theme established. Finally. And now it's planning time! My favourite! First the invite...

Stay tuned for posts of robot party links and other updates.

21 March 2009

Snow Day

Well, there were other things we probably should have been doing but with such a beautiful sunny day and so few snow days left, we decided to drive to one of our local mountains today, Cypress.

First we went for an hour long snowshoe. What a treat. We've been waiting for Spud to grow up enough to snowshoe. It's been a long time since he fit in a carrier on daddy's back.

He really did a great job and seemed to like it too.

Needless to say, there was a fair amount of rest time along the way.

And then rewarded with some tobagganing ...

And icicle hunting ...

All in all, a smashing day.

13 March 2009

Photo Friday #9


Spud enjoying some, fresh off the snow, maple syrup candy. Makes my teeth ache a little just looking at it.

For other travel pics, check out my favourite family travel site Delicious Baby. Or go there to share your travel photos on Fridays too.

10 March 2009

Height Predictor

Ever wonder how tall your kids will grow up to be? Well, I thought this was cute ... child height predictor ... until it told me Spud is going to 6'6" at 17 years old!

Wow. Too bad he's not showing any b-ball skills. The boy is really quite tall for his age but I have to say, I'm a bit skeptical at the prediction.

So then I tested it on myself because I can remember my height and weight when I was 11 years old [for some reason] ... and it was bang on! It says that I would grow up to be 5'8" [I think I'm 5'8 1/2"!].

This might lead to another blog ... the term "wee" seems a little erroneous right now

09 March 2009

Festival du Bois

Spud's Favourite Annual Events: FESTIVAL DU BOIS | NEAR VANCOUVER

Maillardville, BC is in fact, the only identifiable French settlement west of the Rockies, they say. This wee community, inside the city of Coquitlam [near Vancouver], hosts the "Flaunt your Frenchness" festival annually and we hate to miss it. The weather is hit or miss. Usually miss. Today it even snowed, which was a first for us. But it didn't stop us from really enjoying both the kid and grown up entertainment from around the world.

In addition, we always spend some quality time in the poutine line up; an essential part of every visit. That's right, when else can you eat french fries smothered with gravy and topped with cheese curds and feel ok about it?!

And for dessert you ask? Well, there's sugar pie and crepes of course but we always check out the sugar shack for some maple syrup candy which includes lively musical entertainment.

02 March 2009

DIY Pop-Up Birthday Card

So, on the weekend we had a birthday party for one of Spud's little preschool friends. I grabbed some of the UNICEF cards that I try to always have on hand and Spud chose this one.

He insisted he would only like it, though, if it had pop-up inside. What a cool idea, I thought!

First we made a little present [to match the front of the card, somewhat], then a little bunny [to match the present which was a bunny-shaped box with a puzzle in it] and then a robot [ummm ... well ... because Spud loves robots].

Then Hubs started some of the architecture. Thin card stock strips plus glue stick did the trick.

Then we glued the cutouts onto each platform so that when you open the card they ... pop up!

In the end it would have been nice to have more drawing or colouring from Spud but he just wasn't in the mood today. C'est la vie.