15 September 2014

Summer Bucket List: Growing Grapes. Making Jam.

So this hits two of our bucket list items: Grow something and Make Freezer Jam. Well it turns out we were growing a LOT of wee grapes in our front yard, to our surprise (as new owners to our house/yard). It's hard to say that "we" grew them unless turning on the watering system periodically (maybe not even often enough) counts as having grown something. But I can safely say we made jam out of the harvest. It was a lot of work; washing, de-stemming, washing again, cooking down, straining out the seeds and skins, cooking down again ... but SO worth it! Full of grape-y flavour and not too sweet. Yum.

We're not finished with summer yet so we are continuing with our summer bucket list for the month of September. Check out our working Summer Bucket list here and all our past Summer Fun entries here.

13 September 2014

Summer Fun Passport: Drawing Castles

Lazy days of drawing and learning new skills — that's what Summer days are made of. Some might think that summer is over, now that school is back. But, here, the weather has been perpetually blissful and we're not back in school yet! Most of the province is not back, due to our teacher's strike/lockout situation but the real reason we're not back in school is that we are homeschooling this year! A very big decision. But we are up for the challenge. Here's hoping there will be more days like these.

Since we are not finished with summer yet, we are continuing with our summer bucket list for the month of September. Check out our working Summer Bucket list here and all our past Summer Fun entries here.

07 September 2014

DIY TV Dinner!

Where have you been all my life you adorable, heavy-duty, Stoneware TV Dinner Tray? Seriously. I love you.

TV Dinners are a memorable part of my childhood. Not because we ate them all that much. But because I wanted to! Each food neatly contained in its own compartment. Come on, how perfect is that? Especially when you're a kid. And, without fail, you could count on dessert. Again. Important.

But I understand that the legendary TV Dinner is not necessarily in a 10 year old's lexicon today. Tonight I said, "I'm going to make you a homemade TV Dinner!" to Spud. I was pretty excited. He promptly cocked his head and said, "A what? A TB Dinner?". Turns out he had no idea what I was talking about. Let's just call that a good thing, shall we? As I remember, while they were cool, they lacked nutritionally speaking.

He's a convert now though. And I'm so excited that I'm able to introduce the idea to him with "real food" ... um ... for the most part.

So what was in Spud's TV dinner? Peas and carrots. Of course! With a pat of butter that melted in the oven. Baked pasta with a browned cheesy top. Elk meatballs. You weren't expecting that, were you? And half a mini apple pie, which, just to be clear, we did not make, we bought. The diehards will note that the dessert was not in the centre compartment in the top row ... I had a hard time with that too. I'm over it now. I expect you will be soon too.

Did he eat it in front of the TV? Why, yes he did. Note to self: find a nice set of TV tables.

Want a pair of these dishes for yourself? I found them at Uncommon Goods where I also found approximately a million other unique, fun items to covet. Check it out.

DISCLOSURE: I sometimes get a freebie when I review a product or a service but I'm here to tell you that I will not enter into any agreement with a company that I do not believe in. To be clear, I don't gush about things that are not gushable. Just so you know.

29 August 2014

Summer Fun Passport: Play Board Games on a Rainy Day

We didn't have a lot of rainy days this summer. But there was one. And that's when we played Monopoly. Spud's choice. Totally fun. But thank goodness for the new short version.

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26 August 2014

Summer Fun Passport: Go Kayaking

Deep Cove is a beautiful place to rent a kayak. Aside from cute little islands to explore and beautiful scenery, the boys got right up close to some seals too!

Check out this year's Summer Bucket list 
here and all our past Summer Fun entries here.
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