21 August 2014

Friday Night Short: You Can Learn Anything

Look what showed up in my inbox yesterday, from Khan Academy, that amazing, free math website that we love so much. Its timing is impeccable too ... being well-themed with what we are learning in the Stanford University online math courses we are taking.

If you are in the market for helping anyone learn math, this course is well worth it. If you know a little person who could benefit from the positive messages above and learn some new strategies in learning math, then check this one out.

(via The Khan Academy)

>>Friday night is movie night in our house and we like to start with a good short or two. To see others we recommend, see previous posts here.

20 August 2014

Make Fantastic Mistakes Poster

So, I am taking this course called "How to Learn Math" through Stanford University's online offerings and it's been, well, a little life-changing. Not only is it helping with ways to guide Spud through his interactions with math but it's changing my relationship with it as well!

This poster is one of my assignments for the lesson focussing on the miracle of making errors and what wonderful things it does to brain growth and development. I'm sure we will be referring to this regularly throughout the upcoming school year.

15 August 2014

Summer Fun Passport: Go to a Gelateria


We have loads of gelaterias in our town. Loads. Good ones too. But we really wanted to take Spud to the crazy one boasting 218 flavours, aptly named La Casa Gelato. It has been so long since we've been he doesn't even remember it! One rule: when sampling the different flavours prior to making your decision ... try at least one out of your comfort zone. At least one. This is what happened:

Spud: Maple Bacon. Turned out to be a good choice. He liked it!
Me: Garlic. I'm not kidding. Very bad choice. I thought it might have a hint of garlic but oh no! It was full-on. I walked over to Hubs to tell him about my terrible mistake and he said "oh my, I can smell it". Be warned.
Hubs: Seaweed. And then vegemite. He didn't mind either but neither made the final cut.

But there was durian and wasabi and kimchi also ... to name a few. How brave would you be?

Final Gelato flavour decisions = very safe:
Spud: Ferrero Roche + Blood Orange
Me: Pear + Peanut Butter Chocolate (with an unwanted, slight hint of garlic)
Hubs: Passion Fruit Chocolate + Maple Walnut

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14 August 2014

Summer Fun Passport: Learning Morse Code

I found 2 fun sites that Spud used to learn some Morse code here and here. After he played around and practiced for a few days I busted out some physical Dahs and Dits — beads in dots and dashes. He wanted to make a necklace and a bracelet each with a message. He pondered over it for a few days finally landing on "Happy" and "SJTM" (his initials).

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11 August 2014

Summer Fun Passport: Spend a Day at the Pool

Lucky to have summer babies as friends! Happy birthday N! This year's outdoor pool day was full of games and other fun with friends AND cake! Lucky boy. Sounds like one of the highlights was playing with the dads.

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