24 February 2015

Baby Showers: Fabric Pens + Onesies

Spud's piano teacher of almost 4 years is leaving us. With much sadness. But she's off having twins which is super exciting and we are very happy for her. And sad for us.

As a goodbye present Spud decorated a couple of onesies with a black Sharpie Fabric Pen in a music motif. He's pretty excited to give them to her.

I got this idea from my own baby shower ... way back when. I sure worked with a creative bunch.

Look what they did with a yellow marker! The only time spit up is funny, really.

Because I worked for a hockey team at the time, there were more than a few hockey references. Check out the jock strap and chest hair!


Who knew a whale had such fine motor skills ...

Meet the Spuds.

31 December 2014

Introducing Flying Lightbulb Blog

Our son just launched his own tween blog, Flying Lightbulb, where he will post all his creative pursuits and interests. His first stop motion movie is up, check it out!

17 December 2014

Holiday Math: Snowflakes, Starflakes, and Swirlflakes

We are big Vi Hart fans over here so this fun little video on making unusual paper snowflakes make us very happy this holiday season.

16 December 2014

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Coffee filters make the best snowflakes. They are already round and symmetrical. Simply fold in half, then in thirds, and then in half again. And I like their translucent nature.

The only downside is you really have to figure out a way to flatten them. You could iron them I suppose. We pressed them between our heaviest books overnight. That seemed to do the trick.
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