13 July 2014

Summer Fun Passport: Go to an Outdoor Concert

This has been on my wish list for years! Finally, we got to see the VSO outside, in the park, and free! It was a treat building summer time memories on a lovely evening, with good people, on an exceptionally warm evening, in the park. Love my city.

And a little Vine video that sums it up in 6 seconds.


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12 July 2014

Summer Fun Passport: Make Banana Splits

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11 July 2014

Summer Fun Passport: Reading Club

Summer Reading Club at our library is something we look forward to each year — this is our 5th year running. I love how each year a new illustrator is featured. And a new theme is explored with games and activities at the local branches. And weekly contests! Spud has won something every year. Lucky bum. 

At the end of the summer, when you've got 50 days of reading done, you have a little booklet with all the books you've read, as a keepsake ... then they present you with a medal (so cute!) AND you get to go "shopping" at a shelving truck stocked full of a wide range of new books.

I'm not sure what the future holds for libraries. I worry about them. It makes me particularly happy when I see them finding clever, well put together ways to connect with the community. I heart our library. 

I would love to know what sort of summer reading programs other libraries do!

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10 July 2014

Our Passport to Summer Fun 2014

Finally, this year's Summer Fun Passport is made and ready to record all our summer fun activities this year!

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13 June 2014

Summer Fun Passport List 2014

Here we go again ... our 3rd annual Summer Fun Passport List. Summertime is just around the corner, and I can't wait. What's on your summer bucket list?


3. DO
  • Run a Lemonade Stand
  • Choose a Science Experiment to do with Daddy (from this book)
  • Learn some Morse Code
  • Work on Stamp Collection
  • Wash the Car
  • Play Board Games on a Rainy Day
  • Take a Cooking Class
  • Learn about an Unfamiliar Country and Try its Cuisine (we did Ethiopia last year)
  • Go to a Gelateria

  • Do a Soapstone Carving
  • Make a Kiwi Crate Project (like this)
  • Draw a Castle (use our How to Draw A Castle book)
  • Make another Heart Map
  • Create Cityscape with Block Printing
  • Make a Klimt-inspired Art Piece (inspired by our trip to Vienna. See here + here.)
  • Make a Weaving
  • Decorate Mugs with Porcelain Pens (tutorial here)
  • Decorate a T-Shirt
  • Sew Your Own Zipper Bag
  • Make Sprinkle Milkshakes (like this)
  • Make a Solar Powered Lunch (Pizza + Tea)
  • Make the Parents Lunch
  • Make a Spring-form Cake
  • Make Freezer Jam
  • Make Banana Splits
  • Make a New Zoku (popsicle) Recipe

Here's our 2013 list and our 2012 list and here are all our "ticks" so far.
And I'm pinning all kinds of summer fun here all the time.
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