17 December 2014

Holiday Math: Snowflakes, Starflakes, and Swirlflakes

We are big Vi Hart fans over here so this fun little video on making unusual paper snowflakes make us very happy this holiday season.

16 December 2014

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Coffee filters make the best snowflakes. They are already round and symmetrical. Simply fold in half, then in thirds, and then in half again. And I like their translucent nature.

The only downside is you really have to figure out a way to flatten them. You could iron them I suppose. We pressed them between our heaviest books overnight. That seemed to do the trick.

06 December 2014

St. Nicholas Day 2014

Spud wasn't keeping track so this year's St. Nicholas day was a big surprise! St. Nick must have grabbed his shoes for him. This morning he found them filled with goodies outside his bedroom door.

02 December 2014

Our First Time Lapse: Niagara Falls, Lit Up


We propped up our little iPhone on the window sill of our hotel around 4 pm and let it shoot periodically, using a time lapse app, until the lights went out at midnight. We ended up with 4 minutes of moving mist and colour. Looking forward to making more time lapse movies with the kid!

21 October 2014

A Paper Weaving Morning

Paper weaving. Classic paper craft that for some reason, Spud and I have never done together before. I used to love this kind of activity when I was his age.

Practiced skills: fine motor, creative decision making, patience, focus on details, and accepting imperfections in your work.

I'm sure there are million different ways to go about it. First we cut our paper into strips. Then taped down our vertical rhythm to hold it still while we slid on the horizontal bits. Finally we folded back the ends and taped them down. Spud decided to tape it on his IKEA square storage unit — livens it up quite a bit!
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