31 December 2015

That's a Wrap

Well. It's that time. Time to sign off. With over 1000 posts and a surprising 8 years, it's time to say a real goodbye.

This blog has been more important to me than I could've ever imagined. It sounds trite but it's been a really good friend. It let me document the funnest ride of my life — being a new parent — a time I cherish deeply. It let me keep track of our family travels and some of the fun things we did and learned in summer, while camping, and much more. And it gave me an excuse to be creative outside of my work as a designer. It also taught me how to be grateful everyday.

I'm looking forward to turning these posts into a book, so we can browse the pages with our now 6 foot, 11 year old Spud. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you find something interesting or inspiring.

You can now follow me on instagram where I will post my ongoing creative pursuits.

It's been amazing. Adieu. xo

29 December 2015

Merry & Bright

Wishing everyone a bright and beautiful 2016! xo

20 June 2015

100 Days of Summer Challenge is on!

That's right, I'm taking 1 photo, everyday, for 100 days to document our summer. There will likely be plenty of puppy and food shots! And hopefully lots of outdoor adventures too. Here's a sneak peek... Join the fun at #100DaysofSummer

10 April 2015

Skull Drawing

I thought the delivery of my intended early birthday present was not until the end of this month but look what arrived 2 days ago! My fancy-pants markers. I got this grey set as well as a skin tone set, which I will play with next. 

Here are the results of some quality evening time on the couch watching trashy television with my Hubs. I'm excited to see this as a fabric design.

08 April 2015

Colour Theory: Make 100 Colours

What a fun way to break in a new set of watercolours! Make 100 colours. Or 60, in our case, as we only had small watercolour paper on hand. It turned out to be a nicely meditative way to learn about colour theory that was more challenging than I expected.

The kid normally loves colour mixing more than painting itself but he petered out about half way, stating he wanted to finish it tomorrow. Interestingly, though, during clean up, he started playing with various colours in our plastic egg carton spending more time colouring mixing in water than he did on paper. Whatever floats your boat!

07 April 2015

Somebody is turning 11 today!

Oh my. How did this happen?

05 April 2015

16 March 2015

Word Search Colouring Page: Earth

Earthy-themed word search colouring page is up for grabs. Help yourself.

15 March 2015

Math Games: 100s Charts

We've been going through a lot of these Hundreds Charts lately so I decided to whip up one of our own. Click here to download the pdf. You'll find it in the Games Folder.

12 March 2015

Word Search Colouring Page: World of Water

Water-themed word search colouring page that is yours for the taking. Enjoy!

05 March 2015

Today's Lunch: Orange + Green

Not by design, completely by fluke, today's lunch turned into an array of oranges and greens. So I had to photograph it! 

We're now skipping off to enjoy the rest of the morning at the river with friends, which will happily end with a little riverside lunch.

24 February 2015

Baby Showers: Fabric Pens + Onesies

Spud's piano teacher of almost 4 years is leaving us. With much sadness. But she's off having twins which is super exciting and we are very happy for her. And sad for us.

As a goodbye present Spud decorated a couple of onesies with a black Sharpie Fabric Pen in a music motif. He's pretty excited to give them to her.

I got this idea from my own baby shower ... way back when. I sure worked with a creative bunch.

Look what they did with a yellow marker! The only time spit up is funny, really.

Because I worked for a hockey team at the time, there were more than a few hockey references. Check out the jock strap and chest hair!


Who knew a whale had such fine motor skills ...

Meet the Spuds.

31 December 2014

Introducing Flying Lightbulb Blog

Our son just launched his own tween blog, Flying Lightbulb, where he will post all his creative pursuits and interests. His first stop motion movie is up, check it out!

24 December 2014

Printable: Holiday Coupons

Merry Christmas!

Grab the pdf here. You will find it under "HOLIDAYS". Have fun!

17 December 2014

Holiday Math: Snowflakes, Starflakes, and Swirlflakes

We are big Vi Hart fans over here so this fun little video on making unusual paper snowflakes make us very happy this holiday season.

16 December 2014

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Coffee filters make the best snowflakes. They are already round and symmetrical. Simply fold in half, then in thirds, and then in half again. And I like their translucent nature.

The only downside is you really have to figure out a way to flatten them. You could iron them I suppose. We pressed them between our heaviest books overnight. That seemed to do the trick.

06 December 2014

St. Nicholas Day 2014

Spud wasn't keeping track so this year's St. Nicholas day was a big surprise! St. Nick must have grabbed his shoes for him. This morning he found them filled with goodies outside his bedroom door.

02 December 2014

Our First Time Lapse: Niagara Falls, Lit Up


We propped up our little iPhone on the window sill of our hotel around 4 pm and let it shoot periodically, using a time lapse app, until the lights went out at midnight. We ended up with 4 minutes of moving mist and colour. Looking forward to making more time lapse movies with the kid!

21 October 2014

A Paper Weaving Morning

Paper weaving. Classic paper craft that for some reason, Spud and I have never done together before. I used to love this kind of activity when I was his age.

Practiced skills: fine motor, creative decision making, patience, focus on details, and accepting imperfections in your work.

I'm sure there are million different ways to go about it. First we cut our paper into strips. Then taped down our vertical rhythm to hold it still while we slid on the horizontal bits. Finally we folded back the ends and taped them down. Spud decided to tape it on his IKEA square storage unit — livens it up quite a bit!

28 September 2014

Summer Fun Passport: The Fun Run Train

Twelve weeks of walk / run interval training! Over 750 minutes of just running. Ending with a bang: the 5K Neon Run. It was a blast finding new and interesting places to run in our city. We also really proved something to ourselves. And we learned a lot:

1. We don't like running. We do not feel like we are "running people". But now that it's over, we are wondering if we should stick with it.

2. It was gruelling at times, especially those afternoon runs in the summer heat, but we did it anyway, with minimal complaints. Spud showed some serious grit. So proud of him.

3. The gradual approach to training works!

4. We really like glow-y, blinky things with loud pumping music. And we want to do it again.

We're not finished with summer yet so we are continuing with our summer bucket list. Check out our working Summer Bucket list here and all our past Summer Fun entries here.

15 September 2014

Summer Bucket List: Growing Grapes. Making Jam.

So this hits two of our bucket list items: Grow something and Make Freezer Jam. Well it turns out we were growing a LOT of wee grapes in our front yard, to our surprise (as new owners to our house/yard). It's hard to say that "we" grew them unless turning on the watering system periodically (maybe not even often enough) counts as having grown something. But I can safely say we made jam out of the harvest. It was a lot of work; washing, de-stemming, washing again, cooking down, straining out the seeds and skins, cooking down again ... but SO worth it! Full of grape-y flavour and not too sweet. Yum.

We're not finished with summer yet so we are continuing with our summer bucket list for the month of September. Check out our working Summer Bucket list here and all our past Summer Fun entries here.

13 September 2014

Summer Fun Passport: Drawing Castles

Lazy days of drawing and learning new skills — that's what Summer days are made of. Some might think that summer is over, now that school is back. But, here, the weather has been perpetually blissful and we're not back in school yet! Most of the province is not back, due to our teacher's strike/lockout situation but the real reason we're not back in school is that we are homeschooling this year! A very big decision. But we are up for the challenge. Here's hoping there will be more days like these.

Since we are not finished with summer yet, we are continuing with our summer bucket list for the month of September. Check out our working Summer Bucket list here and all our past Summer Fun entries here.

07 September 2014

DIY TV Dinner!

Where have you been all my life you adorable, heavy-duty, Stoneware TV Dinner Tray? Seriously. I love you.

TV Dinners are a memorable part of my childhood. Not because we ate them all that much. But because I wanted to! Each food neatly contained in its own compartment. Come on, how perfect is that? Especially when you're a kid. And, without fail, you could count on dessert. Again. Important.

But I understand that the legendary TV Dinner is not necessarily in a 10 year old's lexicon today. Tonight I said, "I'm going to make you a homemade TV Dinner!" to Spud. I was pretty excited. He promptly cocked his head and said, "A what? A TB Dinner?". Turns out he had no idea what I was talking about. Let's just call that a good thing, shall we? As I remember, while they were cool, they lacked nutritionally speaking.

He's a convert now though. And I'm so excited that I'm able to introduce the idea to him with "real food" ... um ... for the most part.

So what was in Spud's TV dinner? Peas and carrots. Of course! With a pat of butter that melted in the oven. Baked pasta with a browned cheesy top. Elk meatballs. You weren't expecting that, were you? And half a mini apple pie, which, just to be clear, we did not make, we bought. The diehards will note that the dessert was not in the centre compartment in the top row ... I had a hard time with that too. I'm over it now. I expect you will be soon too.

Did he eat it in front of the TV? Why, yes he did. Note to self: find a nice set of TV tables.

Want a pair of these dishes for yourself? I found them at Uncommon Goods where I also found approximately a million other unique, fun items to covet. Check it out.

DISCLOSURE: I sometimes get a freebie when I review a product or a service but I'm here to tell you that I will not enter into any agreement with a company that I do not believe in. To be clear, I don't gush about things that are not gushable. Just so you know.

29 August 2014

Summer Fun Passport: Play Board Games on a Rainy Day

We didn't have a lot of rainy days this summer. But there was one. And that's when we played Monopoly. Spud's choice. Totally fun. But thank goodness for the new short version.

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26 August 2014

Summer Fun Passport: Go Kayaking

Deep Cove is a beautiful place to rent a kayak. Aside from cute little islands to explore and beautiful scenery, the boys got right up close to some seals too!

Check out this year's Summer Bucket list 
here and all our past Summer Fun entries here.

20 August 2014

Make Fantastic Mistakes Poster

So, I am taking this course called "How to Learn Math" through Stanford University's online offerings and it's been, well, a little life-changing. Not only is it helping with ways to guide Spud through his interactions with math but it's changing my relationship with it as well!

This poster is one of my assignments for the lesson focussing on the miracle of making errors and what wonderful things it does to brain growth and development. I'm sure we will be referring to this regularly throughout the upcoming school year.

15 August 2014

Summer Fun Passport: Go to a Gelateria


We have loads of gelaterias in our town. Loads. Good ones too. But we really wanted to take Spud to the crazy one boasting 218 flavours, aptly named La Casa Gelato. It has been so long since we've been he doesn't even remember it! One rule: when sampling the different flavours prior to making your decision ... try at least one out of your comfort zone. At least one. This is what happened:

Spud: Maple Bacon. Turned out to be a good choice. He liked it!
Me: Garlic. I'm not kidding. Very bad choice. I thought it might have a hint of garlic but oh no! It was full-on. I walked over to Hubs to tell him about my terrible mistake and he said "oh my, I can smell it". Be warned.
Hubs: Seaweed. And then vegemite. He didn't mind either but neither made the final cut.

But there was durian and wasabi and kimchi also ... to name a few. How brave would you be?

Final Gelato flavour decisions = very safe:
Spud: Ferrero Roche + Blood Orange
Me: Pear + Peanut Butter Chocolate (with an unwanted, slight hint of garlic)
Hubs: Passion Fruit Chocolate + Maple Walnut

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14 August 2014

Summer Fun Passport: Learning Morse Code

I found 2 fun sites that Spud used to learn some Morse code here and here. After he played around and practiced for a few days I busted out some physical Dahs and Dits — beads in dots and dashes. He wanted to make a necklace and a bracelet each with a message. He pondered over it for a few days finally landing on "Happy" and "SJTM" (his initials).

Check out this year's Summer Bucket list here and all our past Summer Fun entries here.

11 August 2014

Summer Fun Passport: Spend a Day at the Pool

Lucky to have summer babies as friends! Happy birthday N! This year's outdoor pool day was full of games and other fun with friends AND cake! Lucky boy. Sounds like one of the highlights was playing with the dads.

Check out this year's Summer Bucket list here and all our past Summer Fun entries here.