15 April 2014

Today's Lunch: Teddy Bear Sanny

Celebrating our new acquisition of these long-coveted lunch containers by Easy Lunch Boxes with a  little Teddy Bear's Picnic today. Love the separate compartments!

10 April 2014

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada and Sawfish Love

A recent trip to Toronto was mainly about being with family but we did manage to squeeze in some touristing too. The largest aquarium in Canada had opened since we last visited there and it was getting some good reviews. So Spud and I checked it out.

There are no whales or dolphins or seals; that didn't bother Spud one bit; he's more of a non-mammal guy anyway. But there was an amazingly long underwater tunnel through a 2.5 million litre tank! If you can believe it. It includes a ride on a slow moving sidewalk which is a genius method for dealing with crowds — every spot is a front row seat to beautiful vistas including colourful fish, rays, sharks, turtles and sawfish.

Spud was really excited to see the endangered green sawfish up close, in person. He's had a fascination with sawfish since his grade 2 project on endangered animals. This was his rendition of the sawfish reproductive cycle. The two in love kill me every time.

19 March 2014

Makes Me Happy: Little Breakfast Maker

This morning I woke up to this ... Spud made be breakfast! The highlight had to be the toasted butter sandwich, with a smiley face carved (subtly) in the top slice.

18 March 2014

Stamping and Print Making Inspiration Board

I have to admit, there is a lot more pinning than actual making going on right now! Sigh. But when I'm ready, I'm heading straight to my Print Making and Stamping board on Pinterest for inspiration. Here's a sampling ...

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