20 June 2015

100 Days of Summer Challenge is on!

That's right, I'm taking 1 photo, everyday, for 100 days to document our summer. There will likely be plenty of puppy and food shots! And hopefully lots of outdoor adventures too. Here's a sneak peek... Join the fun at #100DaysofSummer

29 April 2015

Floral Skull Fabric Design

Excited to have turned this drawing into a fabric design.

Here's a picture of the sample that just arrived in the mail yesterday ...

Check it out at Spoonflower here.

10 April 2015

Skull Drawing

I thought the delivery of my intended early birthday present was not until the end of this month but look what arrived 2 days ago! My fancy-pants markers. I got this grey set as well as a skin tone set, which I will play with next. 

Here are the results of some quality evening time on the couch watching trashy television with my Hubs. I'm excited to see this as a fabric design.

08 April 2015

Colour Theory: Make 100 Colours

What a fun way to break in a new set of watercolours! Make 100 colours. Or 60, in our case, as we only had small watercolour paper on hand. It turned out to be a nicely meditative way to learn about colour theory that was more challenging than I expected.

The kid normally loves colour mixing more than painting itself but he petered out about half way, stating he wanted to finish it tomorrow. Interestingly, though, during clean up, he started playing with various colours in our plastic egg carton spending more time colouring mixing in water than he did on paper. Whatever floats your boat!

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