24 February 2015

Baby Showers: Fabric Pens + Onesies

Spud's piano teacher of almost 4 years is leaving us. With much sadness. But she's off having twins which is super exciting and we are very happy for her. And sad for us.

As a goodbye present Spud decorated a couple of onesies with a black Sharpie Fabric Pen in a music motif. He's pretty excited to give them to her.

I got this idea from my own baby shower ... way back when. I sure worked with a creative bunch.

Look what they did with a yellow marker! The only time spit up is funny, really.

Because I worked for a hockey team at the time, there were more than a few hockey references. Check out the jock strap and chest hair!


Who knew a whale had such fine motor skills ...

Meet the Spuds.