07 August 2012

Two UNO Math Games


We wanted to learn some new math games, not unlike this fun one I posted about earlier, so we put it on our Summer Fun Passport list. I found these two math-ish games using UNO cards and pinned them both on my "Playful Learning"Pinterest board.


How to: This is a little like the game War but with much larger numbers!
a. Remove all the "special" cards from a deck of UNO cards.

b. Split the remaining deck evenly between the number of players.

c. Decide which place value you are going to work with. We started with 100s and quickly went to ten thousands which we found to be more strategic.

d. Each person flips over one card at a time from their deck, laying them out in a way that will get them the biggest number. You can see in the above shot Spud's 3rd card was a 1 which he smartly placed in the "ones column" and not the "hundreds column". No need to take turns, just work independently until you have your number. The person with the biggest number collects all the played cards of that turn and slips them in the bottom of their deck.

e. The game's over when someone has all the cards.

We like this game because it makes working with 10s fun. And knowing how to make tens or recognize tens quickly just makes all other math work that much easier.

How to: This is like the traditional Memory Game only with making 10s instead of pairs.
a. Take out all the special cards AND the zeros from a deck of UNO.

b. Layout a 5 x 4 grid of cards.

c. The first person starts by flipping over 2 cards. If they add up to 10 they keep them and replace the 2 spots with cards from the top of the deck of leftover cards. If they do not make 10 they flip them back over and let the next person take their turn.

d. Play until there are no more cards.

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