19 February 2012

Math Printable: Make the Biggest Number

Last week was Spud's student led conference which was such a treat. The whole experience was so inspiring, in large part due to Spud's grade 2 teacher, Ms. C. Yay for wonderful teachers! He gave us a tour of his classroom, showed us some key journal entries, his portfolio, taught us a game in Spanish and we played this fun math game that's all about learning place value. It was so fun that I made a printable for it to share.

How to play: Roll a die and decide which column to put the number in: ones, tens, or hundreds. Take turns until each person has a 3 digit number.

It was Spud's idea to make a version for 4 digit numbers. He wants me to make one for 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 too. Ha! But to start, the pdf for 3 and 4 digits is here under "games".