31 October 2008

MO Costume

Hubs was at it again last night. Here are some pics from this morning's fitting.

Complete with reflective eyes and large brush/drum to hold all the candy. Now he just needs to put a hole in the front for Spud's hands to come through.

Some shots from the trick or treating activities:

30 October 2008

A Work in Progress

Hubs has been very busy these days, working on creating a MO costume for our little bub. That's MO from the movie WALL·E. Spud's latest passion. Not the cranky, tavern owner Moe from the Simpsons, as one of my co-workers suggested.

It's really coming together. My favourite parts so far are the retractable arms and the bowed shape of the body. Some fine work there. Until 2:30 this morning! The arms are made up of layers of hot-glue-gunned cardboard, routered and then polyfilla'd / sanded edges to give a rounded appearance.

There are a few details that will be added today, like, MO's brush and his eyes. I will keep you posted.

28 October 2008

More Halloween Fun

These paper dolls already have a pretty extensive, albeit casual, wardrobe. Perhaps some evening wear is in order. In the meantime, yesterday, the little girl donned her new Halloween costume selection.

Now it's the boy's turn: I've decked him out as a skeleton, a robot, and a mummy. These ones are less about colouring than the girl's costumes, as it turns out. Although, my little guy will probably want to make the mummy and skeleton more colourful when he sees them tomorrow morning.

Again, the x-acto comes in handy.

Hubs thinks it's quite funny that this skeleton only has one bone in each arm. So, it's just not going to help much in your wee ones' anatomy lesson.

Click on "wee printables" on the sidebar to download a pdf of this spookiness.

27 October 2008

Halloween Paper Dolls


I'm so excited with these little Halloween costumes I made for the paper dolls. So far I have a ghost, vampire, and super hero costume for the girl. I'm working on a robot, mummy, and skeleton costume for the boy that I will post on later. I whipped these up after Spud went to sleep tonight so I will surprise him with them tomorrow.

For the ghost, I dried out a baby wipe and clued it to the printout before cutting it out. The x-acto knife came in handy for cutting out the eyes.

For the vampire outfite, I coloured both sides of the cape tabs since they fold in the front. The little jacket over top the dress and cape does a decent job in holding it all together.

The super hero boots are just too much. I would love a pair for myself!

I have these pdfs available at wee printables. or click on the "wee printables" button on the sidebar. Happy Halloween!

23 October 2008

Leafy Goodness


Spud and his Grandee were very busy today dressing up our sliding door with the colours of Autumn. Some leaves, wax paper, a warm iron, and adult supervision is all you need. Lovely.

20 October 2008

Another Scavenger Hunt


I've just uploaded a new Scavenger Hunt photo list, Farm in Autumn, to add to my collection of city, beach, forest and park. You can find these at wee printables. Have fun and let us know how it goes.

19 October 2008

Muffin Pancakes

We found this gem of a breaky recipe yesterday and Hubs tried it out this morning. Thanks Make and Takes, the outcome was delicious and Hubs was happy at how easy it was.

Preheat oven at 400° F. Thoroughly grease tins. Add following ingredients in blender and blend until combined.

1 C. milk
1 C. flour
6 eggs
1/4 C. melted butter
dash salt

Bake for 15 minutes or until puffy and golden on top.

As suggested by Make and Takes, we topped with icing sugar, maple syrup, and fruit. And they were perfect.

Also fun would be Nutella, cinnamon apple butter, and icing sugar. I also want to try a savoury version. Cream cheese, chopped ham and green onion perhaps?

LEFTOVERS: I used 2 flattened ones to make a hazelnut butter and blackberry jam sandwich for Spud's lunch today.

15 October 2008

Paper Dolls Printables


Oh, I had too much fun drawing these little paper dolls and their little wardrobes too. And I'm not ashamed to say that playing with them has been as much fun as making them.

First I printed the dolls and glued them onto an old file folder to reinforce them. Printing them on card stock would have done the trick too. Next I collected the following:
·scrap fabric
·notions, ribbon, sequins etc
·twist ties

Using twist ties, you know, the ones that you steal from the produce department, work great for tabs. First I glued the twist ties to the back of the tabs and then I glued fabric scraps on top of them. After they dried I cut them out using the guide on the front of the printout.

I can't pretend. This project was more for me than for little Spud. But in the end he got right into the colouring of the clothes.

And matching up different crazy outfits made us both laugh. He thought putting a skirt on the boy was the funniest thing that happened all day.

Here is some more of the fun we had. Now I'm considering a career change ... to fashion ... or perhaps this is a sign I've been watching too much Project Runway?

I have these pdfs available at wee printables or just click on the "wee printables" button on the sidebar. And let me know how it goes.