22 October 2009

Mummy Dogs

Thanks Instructables for the inspiration of this halloween-y lunch.

· Mummy Dog
· Cuke slices
· Baby carrots
· Tub o' ketchup
· Pink flower cookie

To make these mummies, we wrapped chicken dogs in 3/4" strips of store bough biscuit dough. Then we baked them for 12 minutes at 375°F. Finally, Hubs made little facial features with tiny scissors and a sheet of nori.

20 October 2009

Featured on Tip Junkie

We might have some visitors from Tip Junkie today. Hello!

Number 4 on the feature list are my little paper dolls dressing up like skeletons, super heroes, robots and vampires ... tis the season! Check out all the other halloween ideas on Tip Junkie too.

See the original posts here and here.

To download the free printable paper dolls, and their wee little halloween costumes, click on the "weelife printables" in the side bar.

19 October 2009

For the Worms

This day's bento included, by special request, "things with peels so I can put them in our worm compost at school".

· orange slices, with peels as ordered
· red pepper
· grapes
· cheese
· graham crackers

· ketchup [for the chicken nuggets in his thermos not seen here]
· cherry toms
· apple grape skewers
· sugar snap peas
· lady bug cookie
· banana, again, with peel

Happy snacking worms!

16 October 2009

Photo Friday #19


So, the part I love about travelling the most? Unexpectedly running into and witnessing a local cultural event. Take one giant pumpkin, the winner of the Seaside Giant Pumpkin Contest [easily over 1000 lbs. maybe it was 1300 lbs. I was only half paying attention], one old surrey and hundreds of spectators ... this is what you get.

The Giantest Pumpkin going for a ride.

Dilapidated Surrey waiting for its doom.

Now the giant crane is getting involved.

Lining the pumpkin up carefully before hoisting up.

And up she goes.

To the top!

Does anyone have any safety concerns here? Two guys tugging on the "quick release", 1000 lbs directly overhead, waiting for the right moment to run out of the way. Yoiks!

There they go, spry as ever.


Pumpkin guts abound.

Then there was the mad dash; dozens of children running to see how big a piece of pumpkin they could snatch up.

And there they are.

Together. Pumpkin and Surrey.

What did Spud think of the spectacle? The look on his face was of horror. And almost to the point of tears. His commentary: "That was WAY worse than I even thought it was going to be". When probed, it turned out, his 5-year-old-self, predicted that the pumpkin would still be intact when it landed and squished the Surrey. "You know," he said "all you would see is the pumpkin and the surrey would be hidden underneath it."

For other travel pics, check out my favourite family travel site Delicious Baby. Or go there to share your travel photos on Fridays too.

15 October 2009

An Evening in Cannon Beach

For our Oregon Coast vacation, we stayed in Seaside and took a short jaunt [10 minutes] to Cannon Beach one day.

It was time for a little playground fun ...

There's also a nice big field behind it, as well as a skate park. We found it on Spruce Avenue across from Mike's Bikes Rental Shop and Once Upon a Breeze Kite Shop.

Then it was dinner time at The Wayfarer restaurant which has an amazing view and nice food, including a good value kids menu.

Here is the Haystack, as it it known. This is the restaurant's front yard essentially. Our evening ended strolling on this gorgeous beach, one of the highlights of the trip for me. Well, strolling AND hamming it up a bit.

12 October 2009

Clams and Candy

So it seems there are really 2 things you must try when you are in Seaside: razor clams and salt water taffy. And neither will be difficult to find but here are two spots that stood out for us.

1800 S Roosevelt Drive [on the way into town]

This establishment has two parts. The first is the fish market. But not just any fish market. It's a microcannery, they smoke their own salmon on the premises, and they make their own cocktail sauce. If you have rented a place with your own kitchen, this is the place to get your razor clams.

The second part of the Bell Buoy is the family style restaurant. It cooks up delicious clams, oysters, crab cakes or just simple fish and chips. The chowder is reported to be good too.

21 N Columbia Street [just off Broadway, the main strip]

The store boasts a variety of different confections but the most impressive is the 170 salt water taffy flavours.

Don't forget to stop by the wheel. Each member of your crew will get a spin which will at least get you a sample taffy.

11 October 2009

Sleepy Seaside in October


Seaside is a pretty sleepy town in Mid-week October, when we happened to arrive. Not everything is even open. Until the weekend, that is, when the buzz arrives. Either way it still boasts a pretty substantial kitschy-tastic air about it. This is what we found fun for the wee ones in Seaside.

The Promenade aka the Prom, or the "Prawn" as my kid calls it, is 2 or 3 miles long, depending on who you ask, and it runs besides the glorious beach.

We played hockey on the hard packed sand near the surf one day and soccer the next.

And about 10 minutes north is Sunset Beach which you can actually drive on.

[I know, with the wind in his hair, it actually looks like he's riding on the roof of the car. But, let's be clear, the car IS parked. ; ) ]


The Carousel itself is in the centre of a mall off the main drag, Broadway. And there is a great little toy store in the mall too.

This very large arcade facility includes a small but decent bumper car area.

There are a few spots to rent a surrey. You can also rent pedal boats in the river.

Four laps costs a couple of dollars

Lewis + Clark finish their journey in Seaside

In preparation, check out this National Geographic activity: Go West Across America with Lewis + Clark

10 October 2009

Quick Stop in Seattle

On our trek down to the Oregon Coast we stopped for some sustenance along the way in Seattle. As recommended by a work buddy ["Hi Nicole"] we stopped at Serious Pie. And oh, is it seriously good!

For the wee ones with a simple palette, Buffalo Mozzarella and San Marzano Tomato is where it's at. The crust is thin and almost melts in your mouth.

Next time I'd like to also try their Cherry Bomb Peppers with Sweet Fennel Sausage. Whatever you get, it will be the finest quality and oh so delicious.

This was our view: the kitchen of the Dahlia Bakery which is around the corner and also run by Tom Douglas, maybe Seattle's most famous foodie.

And we found these gems ... Caramel Popcorn Cupcakes.