22 October 2009

Mummy Dogs

Thanks Instructables for the inspiration of this halloween-y lunch.

· Mummy Dog
· Cuke slices
· Baby carrots
· Tub o' ketchup
· Pink flower cookie

To make these mummies, we wrapped chicken dogs in 3/4" strips of store bough biscuit dough. Then we baked them for 12 minutes at 375°F. Finally, Hubs made little facial features with tiny scissors and a sheet of nori.


Judy said...

just so you know (just in case you don't) I purchased a marker that is made of edible ingredients. Makes things a little easier. I found it in the cake decorating store. Just for those little touches like mummy faces.

Jackie said...

Wow. I've never heard of that ... what a fabulous tip! Thank you!
: )

Adriana said...

These are SO cute! D would love these!

Mammagiramondo. said...

Absolutely great!
jackie, this morning I've received some book I had ordered online.
One of the book is "The invention of Hugo cabret". I know you were going to buy it. well It's really great!!

Jackie said...

Can't wait to buy the book ... perhaps a Christmas prezzy ...

for me?
; )

Kiley said...


tim said...


i love the bento lunch idea! i've been searching for a BPA free box but i can't seem to locate any. would you have any input or info? i've seen some stainless steel version but i'm a little wary of liquids if they can't seal properly. any suggestions on boxes you've used would be great. thanks.

Jackie said...

Hi Tim. Great question. I know what you mean about the importance of sealing! I have found some small stainless steal containers with good sealable plastic lids but they are not easy to find.

Have you ever heard of "Laptop Lunches"? It touts itself as America's version of the bento. I just wish they would hire a designer and stop using Comic Sans type! OK, that was the geeky designer in me talking. Seriously, check out their site, it outlines all it's features including its BPA-free nature.

I've never tried them but they have a big fan club. You could try googling for reviews.

And you can order online here ...

Hope that helps! Thanks for the visit.
: )

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