25 September 2010

Pure Nuttiness. And So Easy!

I posted about these gluten-free bad boys on ohdeedoh yesterday. Just 3 ingredients, not including the decorations. Points go to anyone who can tell me what these animals are ...
; )

20 September 2010

Weekend Project — Stretching Fabric

We stretched fabric over some IKEA frames on the weekend with our new electric staple gun. Fifteen bucks worth of frames and some fabric I have been meaning to showcase for a while now ... and we have swished up one of our walls quite a bit.

For the full 'how to' check out my post on ohdeedoh.

16 September 2010

Spoonflower Shipment Arrived

Twenty new yards of Robot Gear Garden Fabric!

13 September 2010

Fruit and Cheese Plate

· Strawberries
· 4 Apple-grape skewers
· 4 Crackers
· Babybel cheese with a car shape cut out of the outer wax coating

This accompanied some warm cut up, leftover chicken strips, in a thermos. I just realized that I forgot to include ketchup. That may mean the chicken strips come back un-eaten.

09 September 2010

I Heart Cookie Cutters

· Bun stuffed with cheese with heart-shaped fruit leather on top and flanked by carrots
· Fig Newtons
· Asian Pear slices
· Cukes, heart-shaped
· Chocolate chips in the centre heart

03 September 2010

Fish Bowl Jello

Stumbled across this on Martha and just had to try it!

The gelatin recipe is interesting; you add your own food colouring so you can make the colour more subtle. Isn't it pretty? And the sweetness is toned down quite a bit too, which I like lot.

Once the gelatin is set, make slits with a warm, sharp knife and slip the little fishies in.

This little red guy is taking the plunge.