29 March 2010

Ketchup is a Food Group, Right?


· Skewers with olive and tomato
· Pocky
· Ketchup
· Freshly made chicken fingers [coating = leftover crackers from the pantry, shreddies, and sesame seeds]
· Apple sauce
· Orange peppers

25 March 2010

Rice Krispies Balls

We used a rice ball mold, one of our bento accessories, for forming Rice Krispies squares ... I mean balls. It worked remarkably well.

That's right, red and green Rice Krispies, of the Christmas variety, an impulse buy back in December. As you can see, we don't eat much cereal which is why we are making Christmas coloured treats in the spring time. And since 'multicoloured' is one of Spud's current favourite colours, why not go crazy and add even more colour? So, two thirds of them were dipped in warmed Nutella and then sprinkles.

24 March 2010

Soft Lunch Please

A new little snack bento we've added to our collection, that can be either one or two levels.

Yesterday's bento was themed 'soft' as our little Spud has lost yet another tooth and it was still feeling a bit tender.

· cheese stars
· jello
· blueberries
· canned pears
· buttered bagel

Note cute storage area for mini cutlery in the lid.

The main course was a thermos of octopus weiners and beans.

23 March 2010

Buksi Ball: A Spud Favourite

This toy, made by perplexus has kept Spud [and his parents actually] busy for hours. It's even worked in the car when stuck in traffic. He's a bit of a maze freak and this genius toy is actually a 3D maze.

An additional favourite part of the game is that in the 'rules' it states you must yell out "buksi" [pronounced 'booksi'] when you drop the ball [the little silver one that runs the maze]. There is something about the act of announcing this silly word that is so fun it mitigates the sting of having to start over. Especially when the whole family chimes in. It's so simple and effective that Spud bravely tries the maze over and over again without giving up.

22 March 2010

Cute New Lunch Box

Look what came in the mail: a new lunch bucket, called goodbyn.

Love the wee icons a lot.

The genius part about it is that each compartment seals so there's no unwanted food mingling. Yay!

It's recommended for the 5 and over set since it takes a bit of practice to open and close. Spud has practiced twice at home and twice at school and still needs a little help to get it open.

The stickers are just so much fun. Spud had the time of his life decorating his new buddy, named 'fluffy'.

They have a set for the older kids, in more muted colours and no ears. Thankfully, Spud still thinks ears are cool.

Here I've combo'd up his morning snack and lunch together. It can certainly accommodate it.

· apple slices
· dried fruit candy
· popcorn
· stroop waffle cookie
· milk
· canned peaches [note that sloppy peaches keep to themselves, without the need for a separate container]
· cheese and tomato sandwich
· red pepper squares

Unfortunately, with shipping, this beauty of a lunch bin worked out to be very expensive. Finding it in a store would likely make it more affordable.

20 March 2010

Spud Hearts Jello

To make the jello stiffer for the molds, we used 1.25 cups of water for one packet of powder.

In the fridge for 3 hours and they are ready to come out.

To release the jello from the mold, I placed them in warm water for a bit, to loosen the sides. Some turned out fine. Some not so much. But we'll have fun practicing.

19 March 2010

Photo Friday #21


A few weeks back, when I had very little time to post, I had a wee business trip in Seattle and brought the fam. Of course I went to Delicious Baby to see what sorts of kid friendly fun we could get up to in my off time and we found this! A scratch patch. A tradition in South Africa apparently, where one roots around a giant patch of various polished stones. Right up my kid's alley.

Identify them.

Roll around in them.

Pick your favourites.

And pay for the ones you leave with.

For other travel pics, check out my favourite family travel site Delicious Baby. Or go there to share your travel photos on Fridays too.

18 March 2010

Bento Accessories Addiction Continues

Managed to pop over to Daiso, to grab a few more goodies for making bentos. Spud helped to pick out the following.

New food separators:

A few more silicone cups for separating food [we used some of our older ones for baking and they are starting to look it!]:

And a few more silicone cups which we will also use for mini jello molds

A cross between a fork and a skewer, these wee things will be good for meatballs and other solid, bite-sized morsels:

And a few new bento box belts to add to our collection:

17 March 2010

A Little St. Paddy's Love

· Shamrock turkey and cuke
· Strawbs
· Cheese triangles and a couple of crackers
· Bagel with butter
· Carrots
· Orange slices
· Chocolate wafer cookie bites

09 March 2010

Two Snacks in One

Morning snack and afternoon snack combined in one place for Spud to pick and choose what he wants.

· Vache qui Rit cheese triangles
· Apple
· Kashi crackers
· Cucumber fish in bubbles, my favourite!
· Cherry toms
· Banana
· Wholewheat Fig Newton