30 April 2011

Granny Square Colour Scheme

It's not like I don't have enough projects on the go. But I've been craving colour lately and at the same time trying to come up with a something that can keep my hands busy during evening TV time. So this is my big idea! A granny square baby blanket. With loads of colour bordered by lots of white. Perhaps there's a fabric design in here somewhere too!

29 April 2011

Photo Friday #37


Yesterday, a sad day for Morocco, when Cafe Argana was bombed and its terrace overlooking the famous Djemaa El Fna square, virtually destroyed. The number of deaths is currently hovering around 14 to 16.

About 4 weeks ago, we were in Marrakech and dined in that exact spot. Spud was feeling a little homesick. Solution: some familiar spaghetti bolognese for dinner. Destination: Cafe Argana's terrace overlooking the shenanigans in the square.

Below Spud is having a pre-dinner romp in the square. You can see the Cafe Argana behind him.

Mixed feelings well up as I watch this little video today — you can hear the snake charmers in the background with Spud joining in at the end. It put a smile on my face every time. But there is something overly eerie about it now too.

This is what the cafe looks like now ...

(Image Credit: AP Images via Daily Mail where you will see several more images with some disturbing details)

This just brings up all kinds of issues for us, as avid travellers, and parents of a little one. The crazy thing is we weren't sure if we should go to that part of the world. Shortly after we bought our plane tickets, all kinds of unrest popped up in Egypt and spread to other places in the Mideast and North Africa. Family wanted to know what our Plan B was, understandably (Spud, for some reason, was pushing for Pennsylvania. I was more about Spain.). But in the end, we happily went on our merry holiday, entirely in Morocco, without any worry at all. Morocco treated us well and there was never any indication that something like this would happen. At times I felt annoyed by hustlers and overly ambitious sales people, but never did I feel frightened or scared.

We thought we would implement Plan B if "things started heating up". But that's sort of pointless, isn't it. It doesn't seem to work that way. Bombs have gone off in countless places, in London, in New York, in Mumbai etc, and did people "feel like it was going to happen". I'm guessing not. And so, I suppose, we must just press on and live our lives, not worrying about what crazy thing might happen to us, because, really, you just don't know, do you. A lesson I have learned more than once. This time particularly sad and sobering.

So, no more words really. Except, I sincerely hope they can pick up the pieces. I know how important the tourist trade is for them, financially of course but also as a way of sharing themselves with the rest of the world. And all the blessings possible to the people who just so happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with such truly devastating results and to their loved ones.

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20 April 2011

Hello Pear Tree

Such a beautiful sight to see, all decked out with your spring time dress of blossoms.

Feeling like bearing fruit for the first time this year perhaps? It's ok if you don't. I love you anyway.

UPDATE: Oh my, my memory has failed me again. I have been reminded that this tree DID bear fruit. For the first time last year in fact and I even posted about it! Sorry pear. Um, wanna go 2 years in a row?

18 April 2011

Last Minute Birthday Party

Going out of the country for month, right around Spud's birthday, hindered party preparations quite a bit. So there really weren't many. We booked our favourite kids' art studio, thankfully they had room for us with very little notice (see also our Egyptian themed party and Paint Splatter party).

The kids learned about masking and got to do some paint splatter.

Next they made polymer clay, yoda-like creatures.

These are ready for baking ...

Once they are baked, they will get attached to the painting! Voila! Mixed media space project.

 Hubs and Spud also made some mighty fine cupcakes ... with black icing!

And Hubs practiced his balloon making skills ...

Happy 7th Birthday Spud. We are very proud of you.

16 April 2011

Party Car

I can't say exactly why this cracks me up so much. I stumbled across it after dropping Spud off at school one day and it simply struck my funny bone. His auntie bought him the Hogwarts Express for his birthday and it came with the flying car. He didn't used to play with people figurines at all; he used to "talk cars" (have two or more cars engage in 'conversation') but the play people were always left in the drawer. So this is new for him and I love where it's going ... hop on ... this is going to be the ride of your life.

15 April 2011

Photo Friday #36


Literally at every turn, we were in awe of stunning patterns and textures, many of which are painstakingly done by hand! And REALLY old (although the above is a detail of Marrakech's gorgeous, modern train station). We stopped photographing them after awhile; they are so plentiful that we almost stopped 'seeing' them. I regret that I didn't take at least 100 more shots of just textures!

Throughout our trip we handed the camera over to Spud and even he found textures he thought were interesting ... below isn't an example of handmade but it's pretty snazzy for a sidewalk.

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14 April 2011

New Skewer Pack: Umbrella

Today's lunch is brought to you by the UMBRELLA. Red pepper skewered umbrella that is.

Other fun skewers: Flowers, Rings, and Balloons.

13 April 2011

New Skewer Pack: Balloons

These new balloon string skewers are turning yellow cherry tomatoes into a couple of seriously cute balloons that I'm sure are Spud's kryptonite. He's been off the little tomatoes lately but he won't be able to resist eating these at today's lunch. Sorry buddy. Sometimes a mama's got get tricky about getting vitamins into her little guy.

12 April 2011

New Skewer Pack: Rings

Just like that ... a grape turns into a precious jeweled ring. Who wouldn't be charmed to find that in their snack pack? Which is cuter ... flowers? Or rings?

11 April 2011

New Skewer Pack: Flowers

Found an adorable assortment of skewers at Daiso yesterday. Here are the flower stem ones in action. I'll post the others as I use them. Can't wait!

From Left to Right:
· Chicken sandwich
· Sunflower seeds
· Cucumber star flowers!
· Yellow pepper strips

08 April 2011

Photo Friday #35


After spending an entire month travelling in Morocco, when asked, Spud's first highlight of the entire trip is visiting the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca. An incredible structure, somewhere between the second and the fifth largest mosque in the world (depending on who you ask), it boasts an incredible amount of detailed craftsmanship at a mind-boggling scale.

Look how tiny we look in front of this doorway ...

And in front of this fountain ...

Just one part of the outside courtyard ... nice tile work!

A great place to take a midday break ...

Spud took this shot of the minaret, the tallest structure in Morocco.

A part of the ablutions room ...

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Thanks to Delicious Baby for hosting Photo Friday each week. Share your travel pics there or check out what other people have been up to.