05 April 2011

Kiddie Yogurt Drink

One of Spud's favourite treats are those sugary yogurt drinks. We usually find an excuse to buy him one about once a month. I've always known that their sugary nature is the real appeal but I've avoided actually looking at the ingredients until very recently. Sugar IS the second ingredient (and probably in other forms down the list too). But I stopped scanning when I saw corn starch. Eww. Maybe it was our recent experiment with Magic Mud but the thought of drinking that stuff made me want to gag. So I bought yogurt, canned pears packed in their own juice with no sugar added, and fresh strawberries instead.

He gave it a taste test this morning before school and it passed with flying colours. It took less than 5 minutes and now I have two containers to add to his lunches this week. Here's what I did ...

Puree the following in blender until smooth:
· Large handful fresh strawberries, chopped (frozen could work too)
· Half canned pear to sweeten the strawberries
· Pear juice from the can, enough to get a smooth drinkable consistency
· Sweeten to taste with sugar, the amount will depend largely on how sweet your strawberries are. Today I used 1 Tablespoon.

Finally add one cup of good quality yogurt (no starches or gums needed) and liquify.


Judy said...

My little guys love my version of drinkable yogurts. Now we just need to figure out a way to make tube yogurts so we can freeze them and pack them in thier lunches! My boys love these for their lunches but they contain SOOO much sugar as well.

Jackie said...

Judy, you got me thinking and I did a little search because I thought I had seen a way to make those at home before ... and I found these ....

Silicone Ice Pop Maker set:

That might do the trick ... fill 'em with whatever you want. As long as they seal properly.
: )

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