08 January 2011

Making Magic Mud II

It's been so long since we've played with the magic cornstarch /  water concoction, a favourite of mine when I was wee, that I thought I would bust it out again on yesterday's very rainy morning. It's been so long in fact, that Spud does not even remember playing with it before.

And this time, he actually touched it with his hands! For those of you who know him, you will be impressed.

For the original post including the recipe (we doubled the recipe this time) see Making Magic Mud.

While we were at it, we tried a new concoction, Slime, which I will post about soon!

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isabella said...

i made this at school with me school teacher it was so awesome. but did you now that borax is poison. yes it is. it feels so icky. but this girl said eww this is so gross. really to me she was acting like a girly girl. no efence aroura.
ngunnawal primary

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