25 August 2012

Blessing Bags


We have truly enjoyed putting together these couple of blessing bags. Spud and I went for a walk downtown today, bringing one with us, in case we came across someone looking like they needed a little protein with a little love. It gave us the opportunity to talk about homelessness and teenage runaways. Today, the right person in the right circumstance just didn't present itself but we will try again this coming week. Our targets? Young people usually found in sleeping bags in the alcoves of store fronts in the early morning. And old guys, grungy and usually found in the throes of who-knows-what mental anguish. Our hope is that they will be received in the spirit they were assembled.

· Flushable wipes
· Tissue pack
· Lip balm
· Hand cream
· Soap
· Toothbrush kit with toothpaste and toothpicks
· Pair of socks
· Nuts
· Granola bars
· Gum
· Root beer sucker
· 4 quarters

We have more room! What would you put inside a Blessing Bag? Things we want to add to either these ones or our next round:
· Pen and mini notepad
· More granola bars
· Apple sauce with spoon
· Juice box

For the winter months:
· Hot pockets
· Fleece gloves / hat

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