26 January 2009

Wee Road Trip Snacks

This little thimble of dark chocolate chips staved off temptations of buying chocolate bars at gas stations.

19 January 2009

Last Minute Travel Toy

Collected bits from the bottom of the toy box ...

Found a few big stickers. Pulled out some old grains that needed to be 'refreshed' anyway ...

Sealed it all up in a zippy bag ...

Reinforced it with, none other than, our friend duct tape ...

And made a 'pre-reader' photo list ...


17 January 2009

Wee Burgers


We grated carrot into the ground meat. Used a medium round cookie cutter to make the small hamburger bun. And added an avocado slice to the top.

And used the leftover holey bread for this for breakfast the next morning.

16 January 2009

Photo Friday #5


Chilling out in a 50s diner in Montreal ... parents probably found noshing smoked meat sandwiches with pickles and a side of poutine as one does when visiting there.

You'll find other links to travel pics at my favourite family travel site Delicious Baby. Or go there to share your travel photos on Fridays too.

13 January 2009

New Skewers

Look what I found! More adorable skewers for Spud's bentos. I found these at Daiso. I had never seen them with two and three colours before. This is love.

Red Pepper/Turkey slices

Apple Pear/Turkey slices

Anything on a Skewer
Bentolicious I
Bentolicious II
Bentolicious III

08 January 2009

Leafy Templates

I made these simple leaf templates for Spud's 3rd birthday party and I've just thrown them up on weelife printables for easy downloading.

06 January 2009

I Heart "blurb"

After making a little photo book of Spud for an important friend of the family, using blurb, I quickly became a big fan!

The quality of the book itself is great. The software [that you have to download] gives you plenty of options for layouts.

In the past, I've used .mac [expensive] and Kodak [less flexible and questionable customer service] and I don't think I'm going back.

Also browse through other people's creations for inspiration. Or staff picks. You can even buy other people's books. Well, you could even sell yours! Have any great ideas?

And finally, what about this gem of a service? ... Turning your blog into a book. Nice little keepsake.

image source: blurb.com

04 January 2009

Anything on a Skewer

As recently pointed out by the Gould Family Chronicles on my Bentolicious II post, kids will even eat lima beans if they are on a skewer! Well, hers will. And so will mine.

I think I can get Spud to eat just about anything as long as it's on a skewer. Well, that's an exaggeration. I don't think he's ever going to eat spinach. But he's definitely more open minded when the morsel is impaled on the end of a cute stick. Not only that, they work so well nestled in his little bento box lunches. Here's a little collection of skewers made over the past few weeks.







Ham/Green Beans


New Skewers
Bentolicious I
Bentolicious II
Bentolicious III

03 January 2009


Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queen’s Park · 416 586 8000

The ROM is world class and very well suited to every age group. We enjoyed the natural history...

The ROM has been very successful in modernizing its exhibitions. What once was probably countless drawers and glass cases of stuffed and pinned animals is now lively displays of mini environments including plenty of interactivity.

We also took in a few cultural exhibitions ...

Keep an eye out for the 3 Hands-on Galleries. And ask what's happening at ROMkids. We participated in a little jewel scavenger hunt, mined for gold, and created crystal structures with molding clay.

While not for everyone, the architecture alone was worth the visit for me. The new addition to the ROM is spectacular. It's hard not to marvel at the exterior's grandeur and extreme angles. Is there even one perpendicular, right angle anywhere in the structure? How do they do that?

This is equally apparent on the inside where each room has its own dizzying shape and personality.

Where the old and the new come together is very exciting. You know, any time you can use the word juxtaposition it's always fun.

My photos hardly give it credit. Check out flickr for more.

01 January 2009

Photo Friday #4: Isla Taboga, Panama


This Photo Friday is warm-weather-themed. We took our wee guy to Panama when he was 13 months old. He was very drawn to the sea and daddy must have retrieved him from crawling right into the ocean half a dozen times. Perhaps the sirens were calling?

You'll find other links to travel pics at my favourite family travel site Delicious Baby. Or go there to share your travel photos on Fridays too.