01 January 2009

Photo Friday #4: Isla Taboga, Panama


This Photo Friday is warm-weather-themed. We took our wee guy to Panama when he was 13 months old. He was very drawn to the sea and daddy must have retrieved him from crawling right into the ocean half a dozen times. Perhaps the sirens were calling?

You'll find other links to travel pics at my favourite family travel site Delicious Baby. Or go there to share your travel photos on Fridays too.


Jen said...

I love the closeup picture! It looks like you had a great time!

Caitlin said...

So cute - I love the one where bub is almost at the water and daddy has just started to run towards him. Great story behind a photo!

Heather on her travels said...

I've forgotten how much those little ones keep you on your toes - I feel tired looking at all that running back and forth, no doubt you were relaxing on the sun-lounger.

Meg said...

hahahaha. The pictures left me howling in laughter. Excellent!

Dominique said...

Too funny!

I do hope you were relaxing on a lounger while watching dad get a workout!

Jackie said...

Indeed! Lounging. Well, you know, I was working very hard capturing it all on film, so to speak.
; )

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