03 January 2009


Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queen’s Park · 416 586 8000

The ROM is world class and very well suited to every age group. We enjoyed the natural history...

The ROM has been very successful in modernizing its exhibitions. What once was probably countless drawers and glass cases of stuffed and pinned animals is now lively displays of mini environments including plenty of interactivity.

We also took in a few cultural exhibitions ...

Keep an eye out for the 3 Hands-on Galleries. And ask what's happening at ROMkids. We participated in a little jewel scavenger hunt, mined for gold, and created crystal structures with molding clay.

While not for everyone, the architecture alone was worth the visit for me. The new addition to the ROM is spectacular. It's hard not to marvel at the exterior's grandeur and extreme angles. Is there even one perpendicular, right angle anywhere in the structure? How do they do that?

This is equally apparent on the inside where each room has its own dizzying shape and personality.

Where the old and the new come together is very exciting. You know, any time you can use the word juxtaposition it's always fun.

My photos hardly give it credit. Check out flickr for more.