24 February 2012

Fun Fantastic Family Fanta Float Friday

In honour of Spud's first float we officially coined today as Fun, Fantastic, Family Fanta Float Friday. Why Fanta? Spud's love affair with Fanta started while travelling in Morocco last year when he was introduced to it. Thankfully it's, for the most part, an unrequited love but today seemed like a good day for an exception.

19 February 2012

Math Printable: Make the Biggest Number

Last week was Spud's student led conference which was such a treat. The whole experience was so inspiring, in large part due to Spud's grade 2 teacher, Ms. C. Yay for wonderful teachers! He gave us a tour of his classroom, showed us some key journal entries, his portfolio, taught us a game in Spanish and we played this fun math game that's all about learning place value. It was so fun that I made a printable for it to share.

How to play: Roll a die and decide which column to put the number in: ones, tens, or hundreds. Take turns until each person has a 3 digit number.

It was Spud's idea to make a version for 4 digit numbers. He wants me to make one for 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 too. Ha! But to start, the pdf for 3 and 4 digits is here under "games".

16 February 2012

Gryffindor Scarf Bookmark!

Look what came in the mail for Spud's valentine's day. All the way from Toronto, a wee Harry Potter scarf, handmade by his gran (affectionately known as GrandMary).

We so happen to be in the middle of the fourth book, The Goblet of Fire. The bookmark could not have arrived at a better time. Thank you GrandMary! We have a very happy Harry Potter fan on our hands.

14 February 2012

Surprise Ball for Valentine's Day

I wrapped inside a few candies and stickers for Spud to unravel after dinner today. This is his first surprise ball and I'm excited that I managed to make it look at least a little bit like a heart.

Lunch for My Little Valentine

· Heart-shaped peppers
· Heart-shaped havarti cheese sannies
· Strawberry heart flowers
· Red M + Ms

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a blast yesterday making up little Valentine envelopes for all the grade 2s. While Spud signed all 40, I cut out a million (plus or minus) hearts out of whatever scraps I could find in our art junk bin, including an old bubble wrap envelope. Then the fun began and we glued our little hearts out!

06 February 2012

Today's Lunch: Starry Salad

It's been a long while since I've posted Spud's lunches. The light is showing up earlier every day making it way more likely his lunches will be considered photo-worthy. Although I've gotten in a bit of a lunch rut lately. Maybe the promise of more sunlight as spring approaches will be just what I need to have some fun with them again. Here is Spud's Goodbyn, known as "Fluffy" to all his friends, filled with today's fare.

· Apple wedges
· Ooops, empty compartment! Could have put a strawberry in there. Or a little lunch note! Monday mornings ... too sleepy to think
· Starry Salad (cuke stars, peppers strips, feta cubes)
· Mini bagel with salami and cheddar, cut in half
· Fork (cheater!)
· Cookie the size of spud's face. I've been told that ALL the kids have these. Everyday. Ha. Somehow we got talked into a pack of these that we keep in the freezer.